R32 Full DC Inverter Swimming Pool Cool And Heat Pump with Defrost Mode
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R32 Full DC Inverter Swimming Pool Cool And Heat Pump with Defrost Mode

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Inverter heat pump



1.Anti-UV Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing
2.High COP.
3.Patented corrosion resistant 
titanium exchanger
4.Environmental friendly,with R32 refrigerant
5.LCD or colorful LED controller for options.
5.Re-start memory
6.Heating and cooling with reversible defrosting.
7.Super quiet
8.WIFI APP control(optional)
9.Suitable for Koi ponds as well as swimming pools or sauna or SPA.

Are there alternatives to heat pumps?



Outdoor swimming pools can be heated using gas boilers, oil boilers, electricity, on/off heat pumps or inverter heat pumps. Both types of heat pumps may well come at a higher investment cost than the other alternatives, but in return they offer significantly lower operating costs. Simply because they are much more efficient due to their ability to reuse heat.

Great value, and environmentally conscious heating option, withenergy consumption half that of a traditional on/off heat pump, and1/10 of that for gas or electric pool heating.


Wide working temperature range-Extend swimming seasons

Standard inverter

Eco Friendly Refrigerant R32

New Wotech heat pumps have been applied to the new gas solution of the R32 multifunction series. The advantages are: 1.  Compared to the R410A refrigerant, the R32 heat pump has a GWP of only one-third, so its environmental performance is even better. 2.High energy efficiency: It reaches A+++ energy level according to EU regulation. By harnessing the heat from the outside air, you use much less energy while still enjoying a steady and pleasant level of comfort. Maintenance requirements are minimal, keeping your running costs low. Thanks to inverter technology, your energy savings are even greater.


Higher Efficient: Heating/Cooling

Our system employs a 4-way valve that enables both heating and cooling modes, providing endless possibilities for pool enjoyment.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Coolingseason

Built-in WIFI function make your life smarter(optional)

Wifi App Control

* Control your heat pump wherever you are.

* Pay less bills by setting weekly timer.  

* Real-time monitoring heat pumps online 

* Immediate alarm on system faults or protections, easy found easy solved. 

* Easy access for service by modifying 100 + parameters settings online.


What's the defrost mode on your heat pump? Should you worry about your heat pump going into defrost mode?

Swimming in a warm, comfortable pool is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but to make sure the water stays warm, you need a heat pump. The heat pump works by drawing heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the water, but sometimes frost can build up on the evaporator coils of the heat pump, which can affect its performance..This is where your heat pump’s defrost mode comes in. In this mode, the heat pump melts any frost or ice that has built up on the evaporator coils, which helps keep the heat pump working properly and the pool water warm.

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