R32 Mini above ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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R32 Mini above ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump


  • Perfect for above-ground pools
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Plug and play
  • Enviroment friendly R32 refrigerant gas.
  • Econocical running cost
  • Durable mini heat pump.
  • Easy-to-use controller with electronic display

Mini swimming pool heat pump

What if your child wants to swim in an above-ground pool, but the water is too cold?

Wotech mini pool heat pump is the ideal heating solution for above-ground pools.




  • Perfect for above-ground pools

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Plug and play

  • Enviroment friendly R32 refrigerant gas.

  • Economical running cost

  • Durable mini heat pump

  • Easy-to-use controller with electronic display

Ideal Choice for heating small aboved-ground pools

   ideal choice for heating small aboved ground pools

  The mini heat pump is equiped with a plug & play power connection. 

plug and play

  It's compact design,which is convenient during installation process.


key function

Eco-friendly R32

 R32 heat pump

Wotech swimming pool heat pumps using R32 refrigerants can not only improve the efficiency and energy utilization of equipment, but also help reduce damage to the atmosphere, making them more environmentally friendly.


Here are some tips if you decide to install a pool heat pump yourself:

  • Suitable Location

Choose a location for your heat pump where it can get a good flow of air. Optimum efficiency of the heat pump relies on good air flow. Where possible the heat pump should always be installed outdoors so it can receive a good supply of fresh air to operate and extract the heat from.

  • Water Flow Rate

Most of our pool heat pumps state the required water flow rate on their specifications table. If the water flow rate is too low, then the water in the heat pump will overheat and the heat pump will switch off.

Check the water flow rate from your pool pump and through your filter to ensure that it is high enough for your pool heat pump.

  • Base

  1. The base for the heat pump should be level and sound. You can use either a concrete base, paving slabs laid on sand or timber decking.

  2. The vibration from the heat pump will be fairly minimal and will not disturb the paving slabs.

  3. The heat pump can be installed above or below water level. The only proviso is that the pool circulation pump is powerful enough to deliver the water flow rate that the heat pump needs to operate.

  • Electrical Supply

Before purchasing a pool heat pump, you should check the running current and peak current stated on the listing for your desired model. Ensure that your electrical supply is adequate to support the running and startup currents for the unit.

It is normally recommended to run a dedicated cable back to your electrical consumer unit for the heat pump and install a dedicated breaker for the heat pump. Most heat pumps will have a higher electrical current demand when they start. This only lasts for a millisecond or so while the compressor starts and the current then reverts to the normal running current for the unit.

5. Plumbing

It is easy to add a heat pump to an existing pool pipework system. First check to see what size of pipes you have.

Advised pool size  (m3)5~10
Heating Performance Condition: Air 24ºC, Water 26ºC
Heating Capacity (KW)2.9
Heating Performance Condition: Air 15ºC, Water 26ºC
Heating Capacity (KW)2.2
Operating Air Temperature ºC10~43
Power Supply (V/Hz)220-240V/1PH/50HZ
Rated Input Power(KW)0.59
Rated Input Current(A)2.82
Max Heating Current (A)3.6
Water Flow Rate (m3/h)1.3
Water Connection ( inch)1
Sound level at 1m (dB(A))56
Net Dimension L*W*H(mm)420*370*440
Qty per 20ft/40HQ(PCS)354/750
The data above subject to change without prior notice.

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