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R290 Air Source Heat Pump

Heating, Cooling+ DHW system

 R290 Green Gas at low GWP(3)
 Good SCOP,energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++
 Smart logic to control multiple heat source
Climate curves suitable for different countries

R32 Air Source Heat Pump

Heating, Cooling+ DHW system

 R32 Gas-Low GWP
 Good SCOP,energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++
 Smart logic to control multiple heat source
Climate curves suitable for different countries

About Wotech

Manufacturing Center

There are 3 production plants in Wotech, Foshan headquarter, Zhaoqing and Longchuan subsidaries, 10 production lines in total and achieving 1000 units daily production capacity. Wotech is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, MCS, PED certified, a global manufacturing enterprise committing to supply products with international standards.

Market Strategy

Wotech has a perfect process in customer service and pays great attention to details. Wotech is specialized in OEM/ODM projects, designing tailored products for various high-end markets. Moreover, in order to satisfy more and more complex and demanding market, customized solutions for swimming pool heating, house heating/cooling and hot water combined system can be made to our partners for intelligent applications.

Technology Strength

Wotech have invested about RMB30 million to build 14 laboratories, 6 Enthalpy Laboratories, 4 Reliability test Chambers, 3 heat pump dryer test Chambers and 1 Acoustic Chamber.Our laboratories is CNAS(China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) certified since 2019, qualified to issue accredited performance test reports as a third independent party.

Quality Control

Wotech respects the international standard, besides we also insists on the strict quality control in heat pump industry. From sourcing, inspecting incoming materials, workmanship, performance and reliability of products, our QC team works strictly from all aspects to committed the requirements of our customers , continuously improving the efficiency of our quality management system, to achieve our quality objectives.
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What size swimming pool heat pump do I need?

There's nothing like swimming in your own pool year-round. It allows you to cool down in summer, warm up in winter and get regular exercise whenever you feel like it. When water is too cold or too warm, conditions can become too uncomfortable for swimmers and deter them from using the pool facilities. Once you know the correct size of pool heat pump you need for your pool, you can confidently purchase a unit that ensures you have the perfect temperature to enjoy swimming year-round.

Air to water heat pump: Monoblock or Split?

What are the differences between monoblock and split air to water heat pumps?

How long does a heat pump take to heat/cool a pool?

“How long does a heat pump take to heat/cool a pool?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from pool owners. This is an essential question, as it informs pool owners what size pool heater they are requesting and how far in advance they should start their pool heat pump to make it warm enough to swim.But this is not a simple one line answer. There are several factors that need to be attributed to answer this question.

WOTECH 2022 Annual Outstanding Staff Commendation Conference

In order to award the outstanding and advanced, better shoulder the safety responsibility obligationand welcome coming peak season with a better mental outlook and energy, WOTECH Annual Outstanding Staff commendation Conference was held at the Headquarter of WOTECH in Shunde in the afternoon of September 17th.

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