R32/R410a Commercial On/Off Swimming Pool reversible heat pump
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R32/R410a Commercial On/Off Swimming Pool reversible heat pump

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  • Designed and widely applied for public pools

  • Fast return on investment

  • Heating & Cooling function

  • Corrosion proof titanium heat exchange Long life span

  • Multiple system protections-Safe and reliable operation

  • World brand compressor

  • Self-diagnosis-Displaying error code on control panel

  • Galvanized powered coated steel cabinet

  • Anti-freezing Protection

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling

By utilizing 4 ways valve, provide both heating and cooling mode to create more possibility for pool enjoyment.

four way valveheating & cooling

Key Components

Key Components

heat pump key compents

Commercial swimming heat pump is designed to cope with the demands of aquatic facilities, such as Municipalities, Hotels,Gymnasium, Resorts, Schools and wherever more than.

Heat generated by air source is cheap, environmental, and reliable, so anyone can benefit from it.

This type of system is more efficient than traditional electric pool heater, as it uses the outside air to regulate the temperature inside the pool. It also helps to reduce energy costs and can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a facility.

swimming pool

Why choose a pool heat pump?

Without an adequate pool heating system, warming an entire body of water can be difficult, long-winded and expensive. While the sun naturally helps with this process, the weather is unreliable and may only provide ideal conditions for a few weeks or months out of the year.

A pool heat pump can be used to provide a constant or controlled flow of warmth to the pool whenever you or your guests require it..To do this, the source heat pump captures and amplifies the ambient air temperature before transferring it to the water.

This benefits homeowners and commercial swimming facilities because:

Swimming pool heaters are exceptionally energy efficient, reducing power usage.

Heating costs associated with warming pools can be kept to a minimum.

The units require only electricity and an air source, minimising emissions.

Swimmer comfort can be maximized by spending a larger portion of the year in the water.

The pool heating pump does not generate heat on its own..Instead, these systems work by compressing cool ambient air from outside..As this air is compressed, the warmth from the atmosphere is concentrated directly into the pool water via an efficient heat exchanger.

Because this technology only repurposes existing heat and efficiently transfers it from air to water, heating a swimming pool with an air source solution is very cost-effective and energy efficient, requiring only a small amount of power.

Beyond the low cost associated with a pool heat pump, it is also important to consider the speed at which a device can heat a pool..Heat pump technology can significantly reduce this duration, meaning users can enjoy a perfectly heated pool much sooner.

However, the rate at which a body of water reaches and maintains optimal conditions will vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on numerous factors such as:

Whether your pool is indoors or out

The volume of water in your facility

What country and climate is your pool in?-

Surface area of the facility

To maximise the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your heat pump, it is important to choose a quality system from a trusted manufacturer such as  Wotech heat pump.

We have decades of experience delivering sustainable, efficient and robust climate control solutions for indoor and outdoor pools worldwide

Advised pool size  (m3)180~400250~500300~650
Heating Performance Condition: Air 24ºC, Water 26ºC
Heating Capacity (KW)122152193
Heating Performance Condition: Air 15ºC, Water 26ºC
Heating Capacity (KW)103122163
Operating Air Temperature ºC-5~43
Power Supply (V/Hz)380V/3PH/50HZ
Rated Input Power(KW)21.0325.5533.28
Rated Input Current(A)37.6345.759.53
Max Heating Current (A)48.959.477.4
Water Flow Rate (m3/h)5868.886
Water Connection ( inch)3φ110 flangeφ110 flange
Sound level at 1m (dB(A))657070
Net Dimension L*W*H(mm)2000*900*20652600*1280*23502600*1280*2350
Qty per 20ft/40HQ(PCS)5/120/40/4
Remarks:The Specifications are subject to changes without notice

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