R32 A+++ Split Home Heating And Cooling Air Souce Heat Pump
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R32 A+++ Split Home Heating And Cooling Air Souce Heat Pump

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Split System

Wotech R32 split heat pump is a system consisting of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The two units are connected by refrigerant piping only, thus components such as plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and water pump are located within the indoor unit. Due to the split nature, freezing does not compromise this unit, regardless of outdoor ambient temperature. The Split has been specifically designed for new construction and refurbished homes. Wotech's highly efficient products can deliver effective space heating and hot water supply while operating with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant.

R32_split heat pump


  • R32 Gas-Low GWP
    Smart logic to control multiple heat source
    Climate curves suitable for different countries

  • House heating,cooling and domestic hot water

  • Full inverter system,Stable and efficient performance

  • Good SCOP,energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++.

R32 environmental refrigerant

New Wotech heat pumps have been applied to the new gas solution of the R32 multifunction series. 

The advantages are: 

  1.   Compared to the R410A refrigerant, the R32 heat pump has a GWP of only one-third, so its environmental performance is even better.

  2. High energy efficiency: It reaches A+++ energy level according to EU regulation. By harnessing the heat from the outside air, you use much less energy while still enjoying a steady and pleasant level of comfort. Maintenance requirements are minimal, keeping your running costs low.

  3. Thanks to inverter technology, your energy savings are even greater.

R32 gas


Using energy-efficient inverter compressors, Wotech heat pumps have variable heating capacities that can be adjusted.In this way, the whole system will be more efficient and the pump's operation costs will be reduced.Heat is generated more efficiently with a higher coefficient than with a lower coefficient.

R32_split heat pump


we choose MITSUBISHI compressor for the heat pump. It ensures stable working in the perfect performance.


Split Series Application Diagram

Split Series Application Diagram

DHW tank disinfection

The water inside the HWT (hot water tank) must be periodically heated to temperatures over 65°C to eliminate bacterial growth inside the tank if domestic hot water is provided directly from the tank.For healthy living, Wotech air source heat pump automatically controls this function based on parameter settings.

DHW tank disinfection

The Q&A of air source heat pumps

  • Q:Will a heat pump provide all the heat needed in the winter?

    A:heat pump ordinarily becomes less effective below 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature. Below that, it may be necessary to supplement the heat provided by the heat pump.

  • Q: How expensive are heat pumps?

    A: The initial cost of heat pump equipment can be 10-15% more than units which use natural or LP Gas for heating, but this difference is minimal when compared to the cost of natural gas or LP Gas service setup.

  • Q: Do heat pumps have to exchange heat with outside air?

    A: No. Different models of heat pumps can exchange heat with ground water, making them less susceptible to outside air temperature. However, ground water heat pumps are somewhat more expensive to install.

  • Q: How do I know if my electric heat is on when I'm using my heat pump?

    A: Most heat pump thermostats have a small light or icon which lights when the supplemental electric heater is in use.

  • Q: On real cold days, my heat pump sometimes has steam coming out of it. Why?

    A: When this condition occurs, your heat pump is going through a "defrost" cycle. The outdoor coil can ice over during cold wet days. When this occurs, the defrost control senses it and automatically initiates a defrost cycle. To accomplish defrost, the reversing valve is switched and the unit is actually in the cooling mode momentarily. The hot refrigerant gas now flowing through the outdoor coil melts the ice away, and the resulting steam is created by the evaporation of the water. A defrost can last one to 10 minutes depending on the unit and the conditions. During this period the electric supplemental heater is automatically activated to temper the indoor air. Expect slightly cooler discharge air during this period.

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