R32 Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump for Home Heating/cooling And DHW
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R32 Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump for Home Heating/cooling And DHW

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Monoblock system:

Wotech Monoblock heat pump combines indoor and outdoor as one module, also connected by water-only pipes, eliminating the need for refrigerant pipes. Furthermore, hydronic components like (the plate heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, flow sensors sensor, air vent valves, and safety valve are conveniently situated inside the unit. The R32 monoblock heat pump provides excellent heating performance, particularly at low ambient temperatures, while reducing its carbon emissions with the R32.

R32 monoblock heat pump


Wotech heat pumps are equipped with energy-efficient inverter compressors that allow variable heating capacity adjustment. This increases the efficiency of the entire system and reduces the operating costs of the pump.  The higher the coefficient, the more heat can be generated using the same amount of electricity.

R32 environmental refrigerant

New Wotech heat pumps have been applied to the new gas solution of the R32 multifunction series. The advantages are: 1.  Compared to the R410A refrigerant, the R32 heat pump has a GWP of only one-third, so its environmental performance is even better. 2.High energy efficiency: It reaches A+++ energy level according to EU regulation. By harnessing the heat from the outside air, you use much less energy while still enjoying a steady and pleasant level of comfort. Maintenance requirements are minimal, keeping your running costs low. Thanks to inverter technology, your energy savings are even greater.



Using energy-efficient inverter compressors, Wotech heat pumps have variable heating capacities that can be adjusted.In this way, the whole system will be more efficient and the pump's operation costs will be reduced.Heat is generated more efficiently with a higher coefficient than with a lower coefficient.



We choose MITSUBISHI compressor for the heat pump. It ensures stable working in the perfect performance.


Two heating circuits [as standard]

• More flexibility thanks to two control zones

• Independent control of underfloor heating and radiator heating temperature

• No need to purchase an extension module for second heating system

heating circuits

Full inverter technology

With the inclusion of the Full DC Inverter technology, the Inventor heat pump operates at the ideal setting for the constantly changing consumption requirements, operating at the lowest possible noise level while conserving energy.

Application with multiple heat source

DHW tank disinfection

By heating the water in the system to 65°C, the high temperature kills most bacteria (including Legionella).

DHW tank disinfection

Climate curve

Using proprietary Heating Curve Logic, users can set up the system to meet their optimum comfort levels based on the changing heat demand,insulation levels, etc  Wotech air to water heat pump can adjust the outlet water temperatures based on the ambient temperature,by continually monitoring and adjusting it in opposite direction with the current ambient temperature levels to ensure the optimum comfort in the living spaces.


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