R32 A+++ Domestic Air Source Heat Pump with Smart Control System
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R32 A+++ Domestic Air Source Heat Pump with Smart Control System

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Split System

Wotech split heat pump is adopted to avoid freezing of water pipes and adapt to low temperature conditions in the north. It is also compatible with radiators, underfloor heating, and fan coil systems.

R32_split heat pump


  • R32 Gas-Low GWP
    Climate curves suitable for different countries

  • Smart logic to control multiple heat source

  • House heating,cooling and domestic hot water

  • Good SCOP,energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++

  • Full inverter system,Stable and efficient performance.

R32 environmental refrigerant

Wotech is a pioneer in launching heat pumps equipped with R32. With a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP), the R32 is equivalent in power to standardrefrigerants, but achieves higher energy efficiency and lower CO2, emissions.Easy to recover and reuse, R32 is the perfect solution for attaining the new European CO2, emission targets.

R32 eco friendly refrigerant


DC inverter technology enables the heat pump to adjust its frequencyaccording to real heating requirement. With this technology, Wotech R32 air to water heat pump achieves an energy level of A+++ according to Erp directive.

R32_split heat pump

Split Series Application Diagram

Split Series Application Diagram

DHW tank disinfection

The Monoblock heat pump is an easy-to-install solution that saves space inside the building. Users receive a complete, hermetic, ready-to-use device that does not require installation of a cooling system and specialist inspection. This solution is related to the necessity of securing the heating medium (water) against freezing in case of power failure.

DHW tank disinfection

Climate curve

Using proprietary Heating Curve Logic, users can set up the system to meet their optimum comfort levels based on the changing heat demand,insulation levels, etc  Wotech air to water heat pump can adjust the outlet water temperatures based on the ambient temperature,by continually monitoring and adjusting it in opposite direction with the current ambient temperature levels to ensure the optimum comfort in the living spaces.


Air souce heat pump

The air source heat pump draws free energy from the air and uses it to heat and cool the building or prepare domestic hot water. It's a cheap, eco-friendly and reliable heat source that anyone can use.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Wotech heat pumps operate at a wide range of external temperatures and achieve the high temperature parameters of heating systems or domestic hot water. The emission of no hazardous materials into the environment, operational safety and no maintenance make the Wotech heat pump an ideal solution for everyone building a home and replacing or retrofitting a current heat source..Wotech heat pumps are available for single-family, multifamily and commercial buildings.


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