Residential On/off R410 Top Blow Swimming Pool Heating And Cooling Heat Pump
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Residential On/off R410 Top Blow Swimming Pool Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

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Top blow pool heat pump

Air to water heat pumps constitute an eco-friendly solution and provide the highest energy and cost savings when compared with different heating systems, as only 25% of the required energy derives from electricity and the remaining 75% is procured directly from the environment.

According to the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), heat pumps exhibit the lowest energy demand compared to other heating systems, with approximately 73.5% lower than oil fueled heating systems and 70% lower than gasheating systems.


● Efficient and energy-saving

Air to water heat pumps absorb hot energy from the air freely, while the electricity is only used to drive the compressor to pump up the heat from the air, so they consume just a quarter of the power of traditional electric water heaters, saving a lot of electric cost for users.

● Green and Environmental Protection

By using air source energy and electricity, no harmful gases are discharged during the operation of the heat pump. R410A refrigerant guarantees fluoride-free emission.

● All-weather Operation

Stable operation without being affected by windy, rainy or snowy weather.

● Endurable

Copeland scroll compressors, Danfoss electronic expansion valves, Eaton AC contacts and thermal relays, as well as other brand name components for heat pumps guarantee high product quality and long life.. All of our screws and clips (both external and internal) are stainless steel. The cabinet we use is made of GALVANIZED STEEL, which makes the product more rust-resistant and durable.

● Multiple Protections

For example, if the flow of water in the system is insufficient, the system will display high-pressure protection and automatically stop the heat pump to protect the compressor from damage. Also, there is high-current protection: if the power supply is not stable, the heat pump will display a high-current error to stop the heat pump and avoid compressor damage.

● Linkage Function

External signal on/off function

● Guaranteed Safety

Complete isolation from water and electricity avoids electrocution, explosions, and poisoning..

● Convenient

Air to water heat pumps are easy to install. They can be placed in many places, such as garages, balconies, kitchens, etc.

Wide working temperature range-Extend swimming seasons

Standard frequency

Higher Efficient: Heating/Cooling

By utilizing 4-way valves, both heating and cooling modes are provided to create more possibilities for pool enjoyment.

Two heating circuitsseason

Built-in WIFI function make your life smarter(optional)

Take control of your heat pump from anywhere using our WiFi app. Save on energy costs by utilizing the weekly timer feature. Monitor your heat pump in real-time through online access. Receive instant alarms for system faults or protections, making it easy to identify and solve problems. Adjust over 100 parameter settings online for convenient and hassle-free service.


When to Replace a Swimming Pool Heat Pumps?

It is critical to know about the perfect opportunity to supplant your pool heat pump so your pool can remain warm in a practical manner. An obvious sign that your intensity pump needs a substitution is the point at which it begins losing its capacity to warm up your pool. Assuming you see that your pool is requiring some investment to heat up or not arriving at the ideal temperature, then, at that point, it's a sign to get another intensity pump.

CODE WBR-4.5H-A3WBR-7.8H-A3WBR-12.5H-A3WBR-14.0H-A3
Heating Performance Condition: Air 27ºC, Water 27ºC
*Heating CapacityKW4.267.411.1312.77
*Input PowerKW0.891.442.112.55
*Running CurrentA4.36.910.112.2
Heating Performance Condition: Air 15ºC, Water 26ºC
**Heating CapacityKW3.435.638.039.31
Power SupplyV/PH/HZ220-240V/1PH/50HZ
Max Heating CurrentA5.18.21214.5
condenser-Titanium Coil
NoisedB(A)  (1 m)53555758
Water Connectioninch1-1/21-1/21-1/21-1/2
Average Flowm³/h1.
Net Dimensionmm455*455*605550*550*800570*570*940570*570*940

Key Components:

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