Eco Home Using R32 Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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Eco Home Using R32 Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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What if your children want to swim in an above ground pool but the water is too cold?

The Wotech mini pool heat pump represents an ideal heating solution for above-ground swimming pools.

Mini swimming pool heat pump


Looking for the Perfect Partner for Your Above Ground Pool?

Efficient and Lightweight Design

Quick and Trouble-free Installation

Utilizes Eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant Gas

Budget-friendly Operating Costs

Durable and Sturdy Compact Heat Pump

Intuitive Electronic Display for Effortless Control on User-friendly Interface

Ideal Choice for heating small aboved-ground pools

This heat pump is specifically engineered to fit comfortably in small spaces, thanks to its small and compact design.

ideal choice for heating small aboved ground pools

The mini heat pump is equiped with a plug & play power connection. 

It's compact design,which is convenient during installation process.

The mini heat pump swimming pool machine is designed to provide maximum convenience and ease of use, thanks to its plug & play power connection technology. With this innovative feature, the machine can be easily connected to a power source by simply plugging it into a compatible outlet, eliminating the need for complicated wiring or specialized technical knowledge.

plug and play

The lightweight and easily installed mini heat pump is highly portable, allowing it to be taken anywhere. It features a plug-and-play power connection for effortless setup, and its compact design and horizontal discharge make it particularly convenient to install.

R32 heat pump

Eco-friendly R32

We are committed to promoting the concept of green cleaning and sustainable development, actively adopting and using environmentally friendly, efficient, and safe refrigerants like R32, to contribute to environmental protection and health. We firmly believe that only by continuously advancing the ECO concept can we protect our home and the future of our descendants.

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