R32 Full DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump with Smart Control System
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R32 Full DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump with Smart Control System

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inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump


Our air source heat pump utilizes cutting-edge full inverter technology, resulting in excellent COP and offering energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling and heating solutions. It also employs the use of the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, promoting enhanced environmental sustainability. The air pump boasts a sturdy construction featuring a galvanized steel powder-coated casing and a globally acclaimed compressor that guarantees dependable performance. The device's LED/LCD display and intuitive control panel offer user-friendly operation and efficient control of the heating and cooling functionalities.

Wide working temperature range-Extend swimming seasons

Standard inverter

Inverter Technology

Unlike traditional heat pump with single-speed compressor which by switching on and off periodically to adjust the performance of the heating & cooling, full inverter heat pump uses a variable speed compressor which can automatically all adjust the output needed at the lowest consumption of power and maintain the best temperature at different climatic conditions. When the heating demand is high, the inverter compressor and fan motor will start running at a high speed and, inversely, they will run at a low speed.

*Achieve an extremely high COP

*Shorten heating time.

*Greatly save energy and cut down electricity bill

*Contribute to a quiet neighbor environment


Eco Friendly Refrigerant R32

Eco mode is an intelligent energy-saving mode that can minimize energy consumption while ensuring comfortable temperatures, achieving green environmental protection for air source heat pumps.


Higher Efficient: Heating/Cooling

DC inverter technology enables the heat pump to adjust its frequencyaccording to real heating requirement. With this technology, Wotech R32/R290 air to water heat pump achieves an energy level of A+++ according to Erp directive.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Coolingseason

Built-in WIFI function make your life smarter(optional)

Wifi App Control

* Control your heat pump wherever you are.

* Pay less bills by setting weekly timer.  

* Real-time monitoring heat pumps online 

* Immediate alarm on system faults or protections, easy found easy solved. 

* Easy access for service by modifying 100 + parameters settings online.


How is the inverter heat pump different from the on/off heat pump?

The difference between a fixed output and an inverter heat pump is how they deliver the energy needed from the heat pump to meet the heating requirements of a property.

A fixed-output heat pump works by continuously turning on and off. When turned on, the fixed-output heat pump operates at 100% capacity to meet the heating needs of the property..It will continue to do so until the heat demand is met, and will then cycle between on- and off-heating a large buffer in a balancing act to maintain the requested temperature.

An inverter heat pump, however, uses a variable-speed compressor that modulates its output to increase or decrease its speed to match exactly the building's heat demand as the outdoor air temperature changes.

When demand is low, the heat pump reduces its output, limiting the amount of electricity used and the amount of strain placed on the heat pump components, limiting the start-up period


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