R32 Pool Heating And Cooling commercial Air Souce Heat Pump with Smart Control System
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R32 Pool Heating And Cooling commercial Air Souce Heat Pump with Smart Control System

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Designed and widely applied for public pools

Fast return on investment

Heating & Cooling function

Corrosion proof titanium heat exchange Long life span

Multiple system protections-Safe and reliable operation

World brand compressor

Self-diagnosis-Displaying error code on control panel

Galvanized powered coated steel cabinet


Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling

Wotech heat pumps are equipped with energy-efficient inverter compressors that allow variable heating capacity adjustment. This increases the efficiency of the entire system and reduces the operating costs of the pump.  The higher the coefficient, the more heat can be generated using the same amount of electricity.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Coolingseason

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology in the Wotech heat pump reduces power consumption, which is related to the reduction of room cooling and heating costs. Its use translates to the quiet operation of the unit and faster achievement of the desired temperature.


Eco Friendly Refrigerant R32

Once the ECO mode is selected, Wotech air souce heat pump automatically sets the outlet water temperature based on the outdoor ambient air temperature.

Key Components:

Key Components

Our commercial air to water heat pump is designed to meet the specific needs of aquatic facilities such as municipalities, hotels, gymnasiums, resorts, schools, and other similar settings.

Utilizing heat generated from the air, this system provides a cheap, eco-friendly, and reliable solution, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking an energy-efficient and sustainable option.

Compared to traditional electric pool heaters, our system operates more efficiently by utilizing the outside air to regulate the temperature inside the pool, helping to reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint of the facility.

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