110 Volt Residential Air Source Electric Portable Swimming Pool Heaters Heat Pump with ETL certificate
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110 Volt Residential Air Source Electric Portable Swimming Pool Heaters Heat Pump with ETL certificate

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Wotech Air to Water Pool Heat Pump makes it possible to extend the swimming season by harnessing the heat naturally present in the outside air.There is a ETL standard heat pump available for both above ground pools and inground pools that is inexpensive and runs on regular 110V electricity.

electric pool heater 110v


110v pool heater


1.High Efficiency,stable performance with America power supply.
2.Compliance with North American safety standards(110 volt electric pool heater heat pump)
3.Environmental friendly
4.Re-start memory
5.reversible pool heat pump pool with Heating and cooling.
6.Super quiet
7.WIFI APP control(optional)

Key★The world's top heat pump compressor
Adopt international famous brand, are enhanced vapor injection technology,reaching the highest level of efficiency within the air source industry. The strong kernel and high stability ensure the long life of the unit and save more operating cost.

Compressor Compressor

Titanium Heat Exchanger

We use the Titanium heat exchanger with constructed of titanium shell and tubes, making it the perfect choice for a reliable and effective titanium heat exchanger pool heater. The titanium pool heat exchanger enables indirect heat transfer between any boiler and pool or spa circuit, making it ideal for various applications.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Nanometer high gold plating evaporator

Compared with plain films and louver fins,the hydrophilic concave-conves fins possess higher thermal efficiency. The corrugated structure makes condensed water turn into channels easily and accelerates the water discharge. Defrosting is effective. The evaporator gets rid of freezing.

Nanometer high gold plating evaporator3 Nanometer high gold plating evaporator Nanometer high gold plating evaporator4

Fan and Motor

The high quality of the fan and motor system ensures a quiet and stable working condition and sufficient air for heat exchange.

Heat pump Fan Heat pump motor

★Auto Defrosting System

SAGINOMIYA 4-way valve is adopted in automatic defrosting system to reach fast and high efficiency defrosting.
four way valve

Wiring connection/Plug-and-Play Motherboard

Clear and inner wiring connection provides convenience of installation and further maintenance.

1. Easy maintenance

2. Steady performance

3. Avoidance of circuit loosing and wrong wiring

PCB controller

One of the common problem:Defrost problem

1) Reasons for frosting:

Frosting is generally caused by low ambient temperatures and high air humidity; 1) If the machine is installed close to the corner, there is no space for suction and heat exchange, and frost will form immediately, which is the same as when we install the air conditioner to support the external unit, and there must be a distance from the wall Clearance 2) The place where the machine is placed must be flat and firm, and the four rubber feet cannot be sunk into the ground, causing the condensed water to be unable to be discharged; In extreme cases: If the air humidity is above 80 percent, it is also out of range and will not frost over.

2) Install:

Check the installation environment for ventilation..There must be sufficient clearance around the machine to allow ventilation;;Connect the power supply, which should be at 110V, and see if the fan turns;;If the fan is on, keep it on for 45 minutes;;The ambient temperature is no higher than 20 degrees, and it will automatically frost

3) Unable to defrost is

1) You have to turn on the machine and check the fault code to see if the machine is operating normally, and the frosting should be automatically removed after the conditions are met;

2)Check for ventilation in the installation environment. There must be sufficient clearance around the machine to allow ventilation; Connect the power supply and see if the fan rotates; If the fan is spinning, start it for 45 consecutive minutes; automatic cream

Trouble shooting

  1. Check the power supply, whether it is connected to 110V or 220V according to the machine's requirements;

  2. The power and flow of the circulating water pump shall be used as required by the machine nameplate and instructions;

  3. There must be sufficient space around the place where the machine is mounted to dissipate the heat, and it must not be obstructed. If the machine does not heat up, first check the fault code or panel displayed on the control panel;

  4. If the machine is found to be frosted, check the air humidity and ambient temperature. The conditions for defrosting the machine are that the machine should be powered on continuously for 45 minutes, ambient temperature within 20 degrees and air humidity within 70 percent.

Advised pool size  (m3)7-147-1415-30
Heating Capacity (KW) Air 27ºC, Water 26.7ºC5510
Heating Capacity (BTU)Air 80.6ºF, Water 80ºF175001750035000
Operating Air Temperature ºC-5~43
Operating Air Temperature ºF23~109
Power Supply (V/Hz)110-120V/1PH/60HZ208-230V/1PH/60HZ
Rated Input Power(KW)0.960.981.67
Rated Input Current(A)9.24.78
Max Heating Current (A)126.110.4
Water Flow Rate (m3/h)2-32-34-7
Water Connection ( inch)1-1/21-1/21-1/2
Sound level at 1m (dB(A))525254
Net Dimension L*W*H(mm)775*295*485775*295*4851010*370*615
Qty per 20ft/40HQ(PCS)160/422160/42284/232
Note:The data above subject to change without prior notice.

     Address:No.34, South Road, Yongfeng Industrial Park, Lunjiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong PRC.




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