R32 Commerical Full DC Inverter Air To Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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R32 Commerical Full DC Inverter Air To Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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What are commercial heat pumps primarily used for?

Wotech Commercial Air Source Heat Pump is designed for large scale applications. Monobloc heat pump systems can be operated singularly or form part of a multi-cell system.Our high energy efficiency systems can provide renewable energy for any commercial construction, aquaculture, farming, growing and fruit drying..It is widely used for commercial sanitary hot water applications, where gas boilers, combined heat and power systems (CHP) or electric water heating have traditionally been used. The CO2 QAHV provides a low-carbon solution for hospitals, hotels, leisure centres and student accommodation.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling

By utilizing 4 ways valve, provide both heating and cooling mode to create more possibility for pool enjoyment.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling

Inverter Technology

Unlike traditional heat pump with single-speed compressor which by switching on and off periodically to adjust the performance of the heating & cooling, full inverter heat pump uses a variable speed compressor which can automatically all adjust the output needed at the lowest consumption of power and maintain the best temperature at different climatic conditions. When the heating demand is high, the inverter compressor and fan motor will start running at a high speed and, inversely, they will run at a low speed.

*Achieve an extremely high COP

*Shorten heating time.

*Greatly save energy and cut down electricity bill

*Contribute to a quiet neighbor environment


Eco Friendly Refrigerant R32

Once the ECO mode is selected, Wotech air souce heat pump automatically sets the outlet water temperature based on the outdoor ambient air temperature.

Key Components:

Key Components

Commercial air to water swimming heat pump is designed to cope with the demands of aquatic facilities, such as Municipalities, Hotels,Gymnasium, Resorts, Schools and wherever more than.

Heat generated by air source is cheap, eco-friendly, and reliable, so anyone can benefit from it.

This type of system is more efficient than traditional electric pool heater, as it uses the outside air to regulate the temperature inside the pool. It also helps to reduce energy costs and can help to reduce the carbon footprint of a facility.

swimming pool heat pump

Heating Performance Condition: Air 26ºC, Water 26ºC
Max. Heating Capacity (KW)64.0~16.096.0~24.0113.0~28.3127.0~31.8
Heating Performance Condition: Air 15ºC, Water 26ºC
Max. Heating Capacity (KW)46.6~11.769.9~17.582.3~20.692.5~23.1
Operating Air Temperature ºC-10~43
Power Supply (V/Hz)380V/3PH/50HZ
Rated Input Power(KW)9.3~1.214.3~1.816.6~2.118.5~2.4
Rated Input Current(A)16.725.629.733.2
Max Heating Current (A)21.733.338.743.1
Water Flow Rate (m3/h)20~2427~3333~4040~48
Water Connection ( inch)22-1/22-1/23
Sound level at 1m (dB(A))50~6451~6551~6553~69
Net Dimension L*W*H(mm)1160*900*20651160*900*20651160*900*20652000*900*2065
Qty per 20ft/40HQ(PCS)9/219/219/215/12
Note:The data above subject to change without prior notice.

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