5KW-22KW R32 Smart Control Domestic Good SCOP Air Source Heat Pump
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5KW-22KW R32 Smart Control Domestic Good SCOP Air Source Heat Pump


Split System

Wotech split heat pump is adopted to avoid freezing of water pipes and adapt to low temperature conditions in the north. It is also compatible with radiators, underfloor heating, and fan coil systems.

R32_split heat pump


  • R32 Gas-Low GWP
    Smart logic to control multiple heat source
    Climate curves suitable for different countries

  • Good SCOP,energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++

  • House heating,cooling and domestic hot water

  • Full inverter system,Stable and efficient performance.

R32 environmental refrigerant

Wotech air to water heat pumps currently use the latest green refrigerant -- R32. It is more efficient than those previously used, which is why it requires less refrigerant. Moreover, the refrigerant has much better factors of impact on the environment. lt is a modern solution taking into account both ecological needs and economy of use.


R32 eco friendly refrigerant


Wotech Air Source Heat Pump incorporates a high-efficiency compressor, a completely new high-efficiency heat exchange system, high-precision electronic expansion valves and other accessories. COP has met national level energy efficiency standards and received national energy efficiency certification.

R32_split heat pump


we choose MITSUBISHI compressor for the heat pump. It ensures stable working in the perfect performance.


Split Series Application Diagram

Split Series Application Diagram

DHW tank disinfection

Maintain pristine quality of the water tank's DHW and eliminate germs and bacteria by increasing the temperature of the water in it up to 65C.

DHW tank disinfection

Climate curve

Using proprietary Heating Curve Logic, users can set up the system to meet their optimum comfort levels based on the changing heat demand, insulation levels, etc. A constant monitoring of the current ambient temperature can enable Wotech air source heat pump to adjust the outlet water temperature in the opposite direction to ensure the optimum level of comfort in the living spaces.

climate cruve

Benifit of Wotech heat pump

  • For Homeowners

Energy conservation through the use of renewable energy sources and high efficiency equipment. Multiple solutions with space heating, cooling and DHW supply. economic support through domestic renewable heat incentive schemes. savings in investment costs thanks to compatibility with existing heating systems such as radiators, boilers, etc. save valuable machine room space with a small footprint.

  • For Installers & Designers

Time-saving features for faster installation and commissioning. Excellent heating performance even at low ambient temperatures. less manpower to handle with compact size and light weight. low repair costs and high reliability with durable devices.. Similar controller interfaces are available for all Wotech products, requiring less training.

  • For End-users

Energy saving by utilizing renewable energy and high efficiency equipment. Multiple solutions with space heating, cooling, and DHW supply Low repair costs and high reliability with durable equipment

Various user-friendly features

No disturbance to neighbors with low noise levels

Convenient control with a user-friendly remote controller.

Remote connectivity via Wotech heat pump for control and monitoring.

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