30-90KW R32 On/Off Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump with WIFI Function
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30-90KW R32 On/Off Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump with WIFI Function

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Commercial heat pump

What are commercial heat pumps primarily used for?

Wotech Commercial Air Source Heat Pump is designed for large scale applications. Monobloc heat pump systems can be operated singularly or form part of a multi-cell system..Our high energy efficiency systems can provide renewable energy for any commercial construction, aquaculture, farming, growing and fruit drying..It is widely used for commercial sanitary hot water applications, where gas boilers, combined heat and power systems (CHP) or electric water heating have traditionally been used. The CO2 QAHV provides a low-carbon solution for hospitals, hotels, leisure centres and student accommodation.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling

By utilizing 4-way valves, both heating and cooling modes are provided to create more possibilities for pool enjoyment.

Two heating circuits


Key Components

Key component

The commercial air to water swimming heat pump is specifically engineered to meet the needs of aquatic facilities, including Municipalities, Hotels, Gymnasiums, Resorts, Schools, and other similar locations.

With air source-generated heat, this system is not only cost-effective and dependable but also environmentally friendly, making it accessible to anyone who desires its benefits.

Compared to conventional electric pool heaters, this system is considerably more efficient as it utilizes external air to maintain the pool's temperature. Additionally, it aids in lowering energy expenditures while also decreasing the facility's carbon footprint.

Swimming pool

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