R32 ECO-fiendly Air-source Heat Pump for pool Heating And Cooling with Wifi
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R32 ECO-fiendly Air-source Heat Pump for pool Heating And Cooling with Wifi

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  • 1.High efficiency and eco-friendly Refrigerant

  • 2.High COP(Coefficient of performance),it can reduce the running cost by 70%-80% compared with other ordinary hot water equipment

  • 3.Can heat and cool the water or keep water temperature constant for pool

  • 4.Dual speed fan for extra energy efficiency and noise reduction

  • suiable for Koi ponds as well as swimming pools and sauna or SPA

  • 5.Defrosting under low temperature to avoid freezing works down to -10C

  • 6.Titanium heat exchnager-Use patented hig-performance titanium exchanger made from one model by Wotech sub-company.

  • It has more stable performance,which leads to efficient heat transfer without any dangers of corrosion from chlorine in the water,and createds a longer lifespan.

  • 7.The elegant digital remote control and panel,panted socket-style PCB make maintains easier and operation simple

  • 8.Use the high-efficiency,low sound rotary or scroll compressor,low noise fan.

  • 9.The new generation water flow switch with better performance and longer lifetime.

  • 10.We fuse intelligent,wireless,central control and monitor multiple units with full IT company internet interface that can be applied worldwide

Wide working temperature range-Extend swimming seasons

B3 Extend swimming seasons

R32 New Refrigerant

R32, a refrigerant known for its eco-friendliness, has become increasingly popular due to its zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming potential. Its use in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment not only reduces energy consumption but also has a minimal impact on the environment. The concept of ECO, which promotes sustainable development and environmental protection, encourages the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies and products such as R32. By choosing to use such products, we align ourselves with modern environmental concepts and take a step towards sustainable development, creating a better future for all.


Higher Efficient: Heating/Cooling

Air source heat pumps offer a highly efficient solution for addressing heating and cooling requirements in buildings. The 4-way valve is a critical element that contributes to their remarkable effectiveness by facilitating seamless switching between heating and cooling modes. This valve operates by reversing the refrigerant flow, enabling the heat pump to extract heat from outdoor air and transfer it indoors during the heating season, and extract heat from indoor air and transfer it outdoors during the cooling season. Through this innovative technology, air source heat pumps are capable of achieving significantly higher efficiency levels compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling


Anti-UV Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing

Thanks to its Anti-UV Plastic ABS casing that is resistant to corrosion, the ABS cabinet is a perfect solution for those living in coastal areas or regions with humid and rainy weather.


Built-in WIFI function make your life smarter(optional)


Air to Water Swimming Pool Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Pool Water Heaters

  1. Air to water swimming pool heat pumps are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than traditional pool water heaters.

  2. Air to water swimming pool heat pumps require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan than traditional pool water heaters.

  3. Air to water swimming pool heat pumps are more expensive to install than traditional pool water heaters but can save you money in the long run.

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