Smart Home Heating Machine with Variable Frequency And Simple Control heat pump
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Smart Home Heating Machine with Variable Frequency And Simple Control heat pump


R410a heat pump


Wotech provides the monoblock heat pump with main circulation pump built inside. When installing the unit, installer should connect the heat pump with other parts including the buffer tank (for space heating/cooling), storage water tank (for domestic hot water) and water pumps (for space heating/cooling water circulation and domestic hot water). External fittings are also needed in cluding the safety valve, water refill valve and hot water valves (three-way valve).Temperature sensor should be added in the storage water tank. Additional electric heater can be installed in the DHW tank or the buffer tank which can getthe control signal from the heat pump.


1.  The design of this system is ideal for regions with tropical or subtropical climates, such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, southern Europe, and other similar regions.

2.  This system can produce hot water up to 60ºC, making it well-suited for underfloor or radiator heating.

3.  The intelligent EE valve of this system is highly efficient across a wide range of ambient temperatures.

4.  With a plug-and-play motherboard, this system is easy to service.

5.  The unique construction of the fan motor ensures that it operates with exceptional efficiency and quietness.

6.  The R410a system is available for this product.

7.  This system can provide cooling, heating, and hygienic hot water.

8.  This product features an all-in-one inverter and offers high performance.

The heat pump draws free energy from the air and uses it to heat and cool the building or prepare domestic hot water.

An air source heat pump system for domestic use has become an increasingly favored option for efficient and eco-friendly heating in residences. The process involves extracting warmth from the outside air and converting it into heat or cool air to regulate the temperature inside a building. This renewable energy solution is suitable for both new and old structures, providing year-round comfort while significantly reducing energy bills and carbon footprint when compared to conventional heating systems. Not only are heat pumps cost-effective, but they are also reliable and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a sustainable energy source for their homes.

heating & cooling

How is the inverter heat pump different from the on/off heat pump?

The difference between a fixed output and an inverter heat pump is how they deliver the energy needed from the heat pump to meet the heating requirements of a property.

A fixed-output heat pump works by continuously turning on and off. When turned on, the fixed-output heat pump operates at 100% capacity to meet the heating needs of the property..It will continue to do so until the heat demand is met, and will then cycle between on- and off-heating a large buffer in a balancing act to maintain the requested temperature.

An inverter heat pump, however, uses a variable-speed compressor that modulates its output to increase or decrease its speed to match exactly the building's heat demand as the outdoor air temperature changes.

When demand is low, the heat pump reduces its output, limiting the amount of electricity used and the amount of strain placed on the heat pump components, limiting the start-up period


Market modelWW09VWW14VWW18VWW25VWW30V
Heating Working Condition
A 7ºC/ 6ºC     W 30-35ºC
Output CapacityKw9.81418.425.330.1
Input Power Kw2.
Input CurrentA4.
Heating Working Condition
A 20ºC/ 15ºC    W 40-45ºC
Output CapacityKw11.318.421.829.536.2
Input PowerKw2.
Input CurrentA3.944.243.9
Cooling Working Condition
A 35ºC/ 25ºC   W 12-7ºC
Output CapacityKw6.710.413.119.322.4
Input Power Kw2.
Input CurrentA2.
Power SupplyV/PH/HZ220V/1/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ
Electric heater Kw1.54466
internal expansion tank sizeL
Refrigerant Type-R410AR410AR410AR410AR410A
Max Water TemperatureºC6060606060
Working Ambeint TemperatureºC-10~43-10~43-10~43-10~43-10~43
Water Flow Rate(ΔT 5ºC)m³/h22.
Water connectioninchG1"G1"G1"G1.5"G1.5"
Circulation pumppcs11111
Compressor number pcs11111
Fan numberpcs11111
Sound pressure Level @1mdB(A)54565758
Net Dimension (L*W*H)mm1165*410*8001165*410*10001150*440*13501165*430*15501165*430*1550

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