R32 Environmental Friendly Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump with Lcd/led Display
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R32 Environmental Friendly Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump with Lcd/led Display

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  1. Use low GWP R32 refrigerant,Environmental friendly

  2. Higher efficient, Saving energy cost

  3. Heating&Cooling function

  4. Anti-UV Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing

  5. World brand compressor

  6. LED/LCD display and control panel

Wide working temperature range-Extend swimming seasons

B3 Extend swimming seasons

R32 New Refrigerant

Air source heat pumps using R32 refrigerants can not only improve the efficiency and energy utilization of equipment, but also help reduce damage to the atmosphere, making them more environmentally friendly.


Higher Efficient: Heating/Cooling

Air source heat pumps offer a highly efficient solution for addressing heating and cooling requirements in buildings. The 4-way valve is a critical element that contributes to their remarkable effectiveness by facilitating seamless switching between heating and cooling modes. This valve operates by reversing the refrigerant flow, enabling the heat pump to extract heat from outdoor air and transfer it indoors during the heating season, and extract heat from indoor air and transfer it outdoors during the cooling season. Through this innovative technology, air source heat pumps are capable of achieving significantly higher efficiency levels compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

Higher Efficient:Heating/Cooling


Anti-UV Plastic ABS corrosion resistant casing

By utilizing 4 ways valve, provide both heating and cooling mode to create more possibility for pool enjoyment.


What factors influence the size of a pool heat pump?

When choosing the right heat pump, it’s important to conduct a thermal audit of your pool. This means looking at the various factors that determine how big or small your pump needs to be - or if you need one at all. Here’s what to check:

  1. Pool size

  2. Climate

  3. Ideal temperatures

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