R410a Inverter Energy Saving Domestic Monoblock Heat Pump Water Heater
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R410a Inverter Energy Saving Domestic Monoblock Heat Pump Water Heater

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R410a heat pump



This heating system is specifically designed to be optimal for regions with tropical or subtropical climates such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, South Europe, and other similar areas. It utilizes a heat pump to produce hot water that can reach temperatures up to 60ºC, making it ideal for both underfloor and radiator heating.

The intelligent EE valve incorporated in the design of this system is highly efficient across various ambient temperatures, ensuring that it maintains consistent performance throughout the year. The plug-and-play motherboard also makes it easy to service, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

The fan motor in this system is uniquely constructed to operate with exceptional efficiency and quietness, allowing for a comfortable and peaceful living environment. Additionally, the R410a system is available for this product, further enhancing its cooling and heating capabilities.

This heating system provides not only cooling and heating but also sanitary hot water, making it an all-in-one solution for your household needs. Featuring a full inverter, it delivers high performance and energy efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

installation diagram

Installation diagram:

The heat pump draws free energy from the air and uses it to heat and cool the building or prepare domestic hot water.


How Does A Heat Pump Work In The Winter?

During the summer, when your heat pump is set to cool, it utilizes refrigerant to soak up the heat from inside your house and discharges it into the open air.This is simple to comprehend because there is a considerable amount of heat inside your home that needs to be absorbed.

Do you ever wonder how heat pumps function during chilly weather?

In winter, A heat pump works the same way as it does in summer, but in reverse.They absorb heat from the outdoor air and use it to heat your home.Surprisingly, even in chilly weather, the outside air has some heat.Heat pumps can effectively extract heat from outdoor air, even when it's as cold as 20 degrees or lower.

Heat pumps use minimal electricity, which can significantly reduce the elevated utility costs associated with running a natural gas furnace.

Heat Pumps at Very Low Temperatures:

Regrettably, heat pumps are not the ideal heating choice when the temperature falls below freezing point.During such periods, the efficiency of your heat pump also decreases considerably.

In case of a brief period of one or two days, the heat pump will shift to an emergency heating system that employs electricity to heat up your home, but this will incur a significant expense.For individuals residing in regions with extreme climates, it is more cost-effective to opt for a gas-fired furnace in winter rather than a heat pump.

Wotech heat pumps can be combined with multiple heat sources such as electric heaters, solar panels or boilers, etc.This is great for intelligently heating your house and dealing with ultra-cold climates.

Market modelWW09VWW14VWW18VWW25VWW30V
Heating Working Condition
A 7ºC/ 6ºC     W 30-35ºC
Output CapacityKw9.81418.425.330.1
Input Power Kw2.
Input CurrentA4.
Heating Working Condition
A 20ºC/ 15ºC    W 40-45ºC
Output CapacityKw11.318.421.829.536.2
Input PowerKw2.
Input CurrentA3.944.243.9
Cooling Working Condition
A 35ºC/ 25ºC   W 12-7ºC
Output CapacityKw6.710.413.119.322.4
Input Power Kw2.
Input CurrentA2.
Power SupplyV/PH/HZ220V/1/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ380V/3/50HZ
Electric heater Kw1.54466
internal expansion tank sizeL
Refrigerant Type-R410AR410AR410AR410AR410A
Max Water TemperatureºC6060606060
Working Ambeint TemperatureºC-10~43-10~43-10~43-10~43-10~43
Water Flow Rate(ΔT 5ºC)m³/h22.
Water connectioninchG1"G1"G1"G1.5"G1.5"
Circulation pumppcs11111
Compressor number pcs11111
Fan numberpcs11111
Sound pressure Level @1mdB(A)54565758
Net Dimension (L*W*H)mm1165*410*8001165*410*10001150*440*13501165*430*15501165*430*1550

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