R410a Inverter Energy Saving Domestic Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump
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R410a Inverter Energy Saving Domestic Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump

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R410a heat pump



This heating system is specifically designed to be optimal for regions with tropical or subtropical climates such as Southeast Asia, South Africa, South Europe, and other similar areas. It utilizes a heat pump to produce hot water that can reach temperatures up to 60ºC, making it ideal for both underfloor and radiator heating.

The intelligent EE valve incorporated in the design of this system is highly efficient across various ambient temperatures, ensuring that it maintains consistent performance throughout the year. The plug-and-play motherboard also makes it easy to service, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

The fan motor in this system is uniquely constructed to operate with exceptional efficiency and quietness, allowing for a comfortable and peaceful living environment. Additionally, the R410a system is available for this product, further enhancing its cooling and heating capabilities.

This heating system provides not only cooling and heating but also sanitary hot water, making it an all-in-one solution for your household needs. Featuring a full inverter, it delivers high performance and energy efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

installation diagram

Installation diagram:

The heat pump draws free energy from the air and uses it to heat and cool the building or prepare domestic hot water.


Can a heat pump replace an air conditioner?

Not only can a heat pump replace an air conditioner, but it can also replace your home’s heating system.

So if you’re wondering if it can take over your air conditioner’s old job—yes, definitely.     And it can cool your whole house more efficiently, more comfortably, and with a lot less noise.

Heat pumps vs Air Conditioner: What’s the best choice for your home?

Each home is unique, so it requires a tailored strategy for improving comfort.

Determining whether a heat pump is the right choice for your residence depends on factors such as your region's weather, your financial situation, your dwelling's characteristics, and your personal comfort needs.

A heat pump might be right

  • If you're looking for the most efficient HVAC system available and are willing to pay a higher upfront cost , a high-efficiency heat pump could be the perfect upgrade for your home.

  • This is especially true if you don't have ductwork or need significant repairs to your current system.

  • Heat pumps require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice if you'd rather not think about your HVAC system.

  • Additionally, ductless heat pumps provide room-by-room temperature control, and upgrading to a heat pump can also improve your indoor air quality.

A traditional AC system might be right

  • Your priority is to minimize the initial installation expenses, even if it means higher long-term HVAC costs for operation and upkeep.

  • You solely require air conditioning and have no need for heating in your abode.

  • You're okay with a cooling and heating setup that demands more frequent maintenance.

  • You're certain that you don't face any indoor air quality issues such as excessive dampness, dust, or humidity buildup.

  • Your ductwork is in excellent condition and doesn't require costly repairs or replacements.

  • You're unconcerned about the elevated energy expenses in your locality.

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