R32 A+++ Residential Inverter Monoblock Heat Pump Water Heater
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R32 A+++ Residential Inverter Monoblock Heat Pump Water Heater

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Monoblock system:

In the monoblock type heat pump, the refrigerant system is completely integrated in the external unit. Such a solution ensures, above all, good thermal insulation, space saving and quiet operation of the device. In addition, the compact design ensures easy installation and simple maintenance.

R32 monoblock heat pump



  • R32 Gas-Low GWP

  • Good SCOP, energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++

  • Smart logic to control multiple heat source

  • Climate curves suitable for different countries

  • House heating,cooling and domestic hot water

  • Full inverter system,Stable and efficient performance


Space heating Series is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. Not only does Space heating Series use R32 green gas, but also is rated with A+++ energy label. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for users.


key function

Key Functions:

R32 environmental refrigerant

R32 environmental refrigerant

Air source heat pumps using R32 refrigerants can not only improve the efficiency and energy utilization of equipment, but also help reduce damage to the atmosphere, making them more environmentally friendly.


We choose MITSUBISHI compressor for the heat pump. It ensures stable working in the perfect performance.



DHW tank disinfection

The DHW tank disinfection function is used to kill legionella by 65°C water to ensure the health and safety.

DHW tank disinfection    

Climate curve

You can choose different climate correlation curves or your own customised curve. Once the curve is selected, the unit sets the outlet water temperature automatically according to the outdoor ambient air temperature.

Climate curve

Floor preheating and drying

Protect your home floor by activating the Floor Preheating function which slowly increases the heating temperature of the floor coils, avoiding possible floor damaging and transitioning smoothly to the heating function. The Floor Drying Up function provides an additional solution to the installer as it helps remove any residual moisture from newly installed floor coils, further protecting the installation and ensuring the optimal and effective operation of the heat pump.

Floor preheating and drying

Two heating circuits

Two heating circuits [as standard]

• More flexibility thanks to two control zones

• Independent control of underfloor heating and radiator heating temperature

• No need to purchase an extension module for second heating system

Two heating circuits

Application with multiple heat source

Application with multiple heat source

Smart design to work with other heating facilities in your house, like solar, gas boiler and etc, make sure you to pay the lowest bill for heating !

Application with multiple heat source

What are some of the advantages of an air to water heat pump system?

Air to water heat pumps(ATWHP),also known as air source heat pumps (ASHP),  are a type of heating system that moves heat from outdoors into a building through a refrigerant system.

These heat pumps take in heat from the outside air and use it to warm up domestic hot water, radiators filled with hot water, and underfloor heating.    Since air retains heat even when it is very cold, such heating systems are ideal for areas with milder climates and can provide a steady source of heat throughout the year.

If you're considering options for your home, heat pumps can offer a lot of benefits.    Here are a few advantages you can enjoy when you have an air heat pump installed.

  1. Lower Running Costs

  2. Less Maintenance

  3. Better Safety

  4. Reduces Carbon Emissions

  5. Provides Cooling

  6. Long Life-Span

Air-to-water heat pumps are an economical and energy-saving way to heat modern and older homes.   This heating system reduces energy expenses and offers a cleaner and more sustainable source of warmth.

Can a heat pump replace an air conditioner?

Not only can a heat pump replace an air conditioner, but it can also replace your home’s heating system.

So if you’re wondering if it can take over your air conditioner’s old job—yes, definitely.     And it can cool your whole house more efficiently, more comfortably, and with a lot less noise.

Heat pumps vs Air Conditioner: What’s the best choice for your home?

Each home is unique, so it requires a tailored strategy for improving comfort.

Determining whether a heat pump is the right choice for your residence depends on factors such as your region's weather, your financial situation, your dwelling's characteristics, and your personal comfort needs.

A heat pump might be right:

  • If you're looking for the most efficient HVAC system available and are willing to pay a higher upfront cost , a high-efficiency heat pump could be the perfect upgrade for your home.

  • This is especially true if you don't have ductwork or need significant repairs to your current system.

  • Heat pumps require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice if you'd rather not think about your HVAC system.

  • Additionally, ductless heat pumps provide room-by-room temperature control, and upgrading to a heat pump can also improve your indoor air quality.

A traditional AC system might be right:

  • Your priority is to minimize the initial installation expenses, even if it means higher long-term HVAC costs for operation and upkeep.

  • You solely require air conditioning and have no need for heating in your abode.

  • You're okay with a cooling and heating setup that demands more frequent maintenance.

  • You're certain that you don't face any indoor air quality issues such as excessive dampness, dust, or humidity buildup.

  • Your ductwork is in excellent condition and doesn't require costly repairs or replacements.

  • You're unconcerned about the elevated energy expenses in your locality.

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