R32 A+++ On/Off Monoblock Home Heating And Cooling Air Source Heat Pump
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R32 A+++ On/Off Monoblock Home Heating And Cooling Air Source Heat Pump

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R32 heat pump



1.Design Suitable for tropical or subtropical region as Southeast Asia,South Africa South Europe and etc.
2.Hot water up to 60ºC,suitable for under floor/radiator heating.
3.Intelligent EE valve,excellent efficiency at different ambient temperature.
4.Plug & play mother board,easy service.
5.Unique fan motor construction,super quiet and efficient.
6.R32 System available
7.Cooling, Heating and Sanitary Hot Water

Air souce heat pump

Air source heat pumps extract thermal energy (heat) from the outside air and convert this into heating and hotwater for your home. Air source heat pumps are designed to work in cold temperatures and are suitable for arange of homes, from a small apartment to a large detached home. Air source heat pumps do require electricity to operate, but 75% of the energy required is generated from the outside air, with only 25% being required fromelectricity. This means that 75% of the energy you use will be from a renewable source, which will reduce youremissions and CO2 impact.

R32 environmental refrigerant

Wotech's new line of heat pumps now utilizes the R32 multifunction series gas solution, providing a number of benefits including:

1. Enhanced environmental performance due to the R32 heat pump's GWP being only one-third that of R410A refrigerant. 

2. High energy efficiency, reaching A+++ energy level according to EU regulation. By utilizing heat from the outside air, the system minimizes energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable environment. The system requires minimal maintenance, ensuring low running costs. Additionally, with inverter technology, energy savings are further maximized.


installation diagram

Installation Diagram:

The heat pump draws free energy from the air and uses it to heat and cool the building or prepare domestic hot water.


Understanding Single-Phase Heat Pumps

Single-phase heat pumps are designed to operate on a standard residential electrical system, which typically provides 120 to 240 volts of alternating current (AC) power.   These heat pumps are commonly used in smaller residential properties and light commercial applications.   They are more straightforward to install and generally cost less than their three-phase counterparts.

Advantages of Single-Phase Heat Pumps:

1.  Cost-effectiveness

Single-phase heat pumps are often more affordable than three-phase units, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers.

2.  Simplicity

These heat pumps are easier to install and require less complex electrical wiring, reducing both installation time and costs.

3.  Availability

Single-phase heat pumps are widely available, making them easily accessible for homeowners and small businesses.

Limitations of Single-Phase Heat Pumps:

1. Power limitations

Single-phase heat pumps have a lower power capacity compared to three-phase units.  This can limit their performance in larger buildings or areas with high heating or cooling demands.

2. Efficiency

Due to their lower power capacity, single-phase heat pumps may not achieve the same level of energy efficiency as three-phase units.  This can result in higher energy consumption and operating costs over time.

3. Motor wear

he single-phase motor in these heat pumps tends to experience more wear and tear due to higher electrical currents, potentially leading to more frequent maintenance and repairs.

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