R290 High Efficiency Residential Inverter Monoblock Air To Water Heat Pump
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R290 High Efficiency Residential Inverter Monoblock Air To Water Heat Pump

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R290 heat pump water heater



  • R290 Green Gas at low GWP(3)

  • Good SCOP, energy label rating W35℃ A+++/ W55℃ A++

  • Smart logic to control multiple heat source

  • Climate curves suitable for different countries

  • Hot water up to 75C, suitable for underfloor/radiator heating/fan coil

  • Full inverter system, Stable and efficient performance


Space heating Series is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability and quietness. Not only does Space heating Series use R290 green gas, but also is rated with A+++ energy label. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for users.

R290 energy label A+++

key function

Key Functions:

R290 Green Gas at low GWP(3)

  • R290 is one of the best refrigerant available for mass production upto now: Negligible Global Warming Potential(GWP) and degradation time is considered in monthes

  • Zero ozone layer depletion potential(ODP)

  • Permanent green

  • Less load for the same performance

  • Low energy consumption and higher efficiency

Refrigerant Revolution

DHW tank disinfection

By heating the water in the system to 65°C, the high temperature kills most bacteria (including Legionella).

DHW tank disinfection

Climate cruve

Eco mode is an intelligent energy-saving mode that can minimize energy consumption while ensuring comfortable temperatures, achieving green environmental protection for air source heat pumps.


Floor preheating and drying

Protect your home floor by activating the Floor Preheating function which slowly increases the heating temperature of the floor coils, avoiding possible floor damaging and transitioning smoothly to the heating function. The Floor Drying Up function provides an additional solution to the installer as it helps remove any residual moisture from newly installed floor coils, further protecting the installation and ensuring the optimal and effective operation of the heat pump.


Two heating circuits

Two heating circuits [as standard]

  • More flexibility thanks to two control zones

  • Independent control of underfloor heating and radiator heating temperature

  • No need to purchase an extension module for second heating system


Application with multiple heat source

Application with multiple heat source

Smart design to work with other heating facilities in your house, like solar, gas boiler and etc, make sure you to pay the lowest bill for heating !

Application with multiple heat source

Can Air Source Heat Pumps Provide Domestic Hot Water?

With the increasing focus on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, air source heat pumps have gained popularity as a viable alternative to traditional heating systems. These innovative devices extract heat from the ambient air and convert it into usable energy for heating purposes. While their effectiveness in space heating is well-established, there is a growing interest in exploring whether air source heat pumps can also provide domestic hot water.

Air source heat pumps offer a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to lower their expenses on heating and cooling, all the while making a positive contribution to the environment. Although primarily utilized for heating and cooling, these pumps can also be effectively employed to supply hot water for household use when properly configured.

Can Air Source Heat Pumps Be Used For Hot Water?

By having the appropriate arrangement, an air source heat pump has the ability to supply hot water for residential use.Nevertheless, since air source heat pumps extract and distribute heat gradually, it is not possible to have hot water instantly available.Therefore, it is usually necessary to have a hot water tank in order to store the heated water. This tank ensures that hot water is available when you need it. The hot water tanks used with air source heat pumps are usually water heaters that use electric immersion heaters to heat the water to the desired temperature for domestic use.

However, it is important to note that the efficiency and performance of an ASHP for hot water generation may vary depending on several factors, including the climate, system design, and usage patterns.

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