How long does a heat pump take to heat/cool a pool?

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“How long does a heat pump take to heat/cool a pool?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from pool owners. This is an essential question, as it informs pool owners what size pool heater they are requesting and how far in advance they should start their pool heat pump to make it warm enough to swim.But this is not a simple one line answer.  There are several factors that need to be attributed to answer this question.

Climate and geography

Air source heat pumps operate on the principle of using heat from the air to warm your pool or spa.  The performance potential of a pool heat pump is directly related to the temperature of the outside air. Air source heat pumps, because they extract heat from the environment, tend to work better at higher temperatures. The majority of pool heat pumps function well down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (more advanced versions can operate down to 40 degrees). However, as the temperature drops, a pool heat pump has to work harder and longer to draw in warmth, affecting how quickly your pool warms up.

Pool cover

Pool covers are a great way to keep your water clear of debris when not in use. And they are also a great way to reduce heat loss in your pool. This might not seem to make much sense at first. After all, the covering blocks the heating potential of the sun. But the pool cover also prevents evaporation. Pool water tends to evaporate at a surprisingly fast pace. In fact, you can lose about a full inch of pool water per day in the summer if it is constantly exposed to the open air and sunlight.

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Water temperature

The initial pool water temperature plays an important role in the calculation of the heat pump operation time. But if the pool has been sitting comfortably during the warmer seasons of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it won't take long to get up to 80 degrees. So, be aware that the greater the difference between the starting temperature and the desired temperature, the longer it will take to run the heat pump. Those who open their pools during the cooler seasons are most likely to be on the cool side. This means it will take longer for the pool water to reach a comfortable temperature for enjoying a pool bath.

Pool size

It's a no-brainer type, but some people overlook it, so it's another aspect to keep in mind. In general, the larger the body of water, the longer it will take for the heat pump to operate to reach the desired pool temperature. If the pool size is large, you will need a more powerful heat pump to heat the pool quickly. Otherwise, the smaller version will take longer and may not be efficient in this case. But if the pool size is small, a small heat pump can easily do the job. However, be aware that the current temperature also plays a role.

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Heat pump size

To reduce your pool heating time, you can follow the heat pump sizing chart, and if you are interested in a pool heater, then check for accurate pool heater sizes. Each heat pump manufacturer offers a clear sizing chart based on pool size vs required BTU or Kw.

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Bringing It All Together

How long does a heat pump take to heat a pool? The general answer is from twelve to forty-eight hours. And every aspect of pool heating will affect how your pool fits into that forecast. The more optimized your pool heating is, the faster it will heat up. If you have a smaller pool, great pool heat pump, and use a pool cover, then your pool will heat up fairly quickly.

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