Wotech Hot Water Heat Pump VS. Gas Water Heater

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Wotech, a top heat pump manufacturer in China, specializes in Hot Water Heat Pumps and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. What are the advantages of using air source heat pumps over gas water heaters? Let's compare.


Compare 1, Use Security

1. Gas water heaters directly rely on the burning of copper coils on fire heads, which causes slow heating and waste of gas, and can also lead to very thick scale due to the small flow channel. Pipelines become blocked, heat accumulates, and fires can occur in severe cases.

2. Gas water heaters produce harmful gases when they are used, such as CO and SO2. These gases not only pollute the environment, but if the exhaust is not smooth, there is also the risk of poisoning. For example, if you open up an exhaust at night and it's blowing outside, it will encounter adverse winds and can be inundated with dangerous risks. Wotech Air Source Water Heater relies on electricity to make work happen. It absorbs heat from the air and turns it into hot water without any burn process or toxic gases - all without safety hazards.

Compare 2, Comfort for using water

1. When the gas water heater is boiling water, the water flow is affected by the fluctuation of the water pressure, and the water temperature fluctuates greatly as well. Especially when there are multiple mixers simultaneously using water, the water temperature is hot and cold, and the comfort is poor; Wotech hot water heat pump adopts a heat-storage design with constant water temperature, small temperature fluctuations, and high comfort.

2. When gas water heaters boil water, the air supply volume is affected by the uneven distribution of pressure. When the peak air temperature of the gas water heater is used, there is no risk of a fire, affecting normal water use, and comfort is low.

Compare 3, Lifespan

A gas water heater has a design life of less than 6 years. If it is not maintained in time, it will be scrapped in 3-5 years. The use process is affected by water pressure and pressure, the failure rate is high, and the maintenance costs during use are high. There is a greater risk. Providing a one-year warranty, system stability, a low failure rate, Wotech hot water heat pumps have a service life of more than 15 years.

Compare 4, Cost

Gas water heaters, heating efficiency 80%, comprehensive conversion of the use of the cost is 3 times greater than air source heat pump. Due to the short service life, the inputs and outputs are not equal; Wotech hot water heat pumps provide a 15-year return on investment.

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