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To reduce coal-burning pollution in winter and improve air quality, China has implemented a coal-to-electricity project. By the end of October 2017, "2+26" cities had substituted 3 million coal and 30% of coal for electricity.

In this process, heat pumps are developed to convert coal into electricity. This "coal to electricity" process is done in many areas because its energy saving and environmental protection advantages. Beijing also said that by 2020, 65% of the city's coal-fired heating system will be converted to heat pump technology. China's government has also pledged to promote the adoption of electric heating equipment such as heat pumps in old urban areas not covered by heat and gas pipeline networks, as well as urban-rural areas and rural regions where ecological requirements are high. Wotect is a professional pump supplier in China, who can provide quality products for all Chinese so that everyone has a better living environment.


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