Air to water heat pump: Monoblock or Split?

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What are the differences between monoblock and split air to water heat pumps?

Monoblock or Split

What is Monoblock heat pump?

The air-to-water heat pump for home heating and domestic hot water, Monoblock type , consists of an outdoor unit and a control panel. ln contrast to split devices, in monoblock heat pumps the entire refrigeration system is located in one unit mounted outside the building. All connections containing refrigerant gas are made and filled with refrigerant gas at the production stage of the pumps. The gas is hermetically sealed in the outdoor unit, and the tightness of the system is carefully checked by the manufacturer, During the assembly of monoblocks, only pipes filled with water or glycol are led out of the outdoor unit.

Advantages of monoblock heat pump:

Refrigerant circuit completely contained in monoblock

No refrigeration certificate required for installation and maintenance

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation

Lower installation costs

R290 monoblock heat pump

What is Split heat pump?

The Split type air-to-water heat pump consists of two units - external and internal. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit by refrigerant lines. The heat received in the evaporator raises the temperature of the refrigerant, which is directed to the compressor. The refrigerant with increased temperature and pressure gives off heat in the condenser and returns to the evaporator through the electronic expansion valve. The heating water receives heat from the condenser The circulation pump directs the heating water through the 3-way separating valve to the building's heating system or to the utility water heater coil.

Advantages of Split heat pump:

Can be installed further away from the property

No glycol / anti-freeze required

Which is right for your project?

Typically, most homes will require a monoblock system. Split systems are an option for more complex installations,is designed for cold climate( ≤-15C), if the days of winter is long and cold like Scandinavian countries.

Whenever making a decision as big as this, we highly recommend getting advice from a local heating expert.

Wotech offer both split and monobloc heat pumps to cater for individual homeowner requirements.Contact us to get the reliable heating solutions.

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