Wotech New Series Heat Pump

Wotech is one of the few Chinese manufacturers in the industry which integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service all under one roof. Recently, Wotech carries out a new series of products for hot water, house heating and cooling. With smart and Wotech grey color, the new series heat pump is air to water heating system with multiuse in heating and cooling application.


Wotech is a top heat pump water heater manufacturer in China with more than 11 years heat pump productions experience. We take every opportunity to carry out our new products to take up the market. This new series of products are with 50Hz and 60Hz to meet different requests in different area.

In recent years, more and more projects are from government or in needs of big commercial heat pump for hot water, house heating and cooling. Wotech offers customized products to the clients to differentiate the products in the market. However, the most important faith of Wotech is heat pump produced is with good quality and service did is professional.

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