Wotech Low Temperature Heat Pump with EVI Technology in Winter Season

Thanks to EVI technology, Wotech top heat pump manufacturers Low Temperature series heat pump water heaters feature a wide operating temperature range. The unit can reach a high water temperature of 55~60?C even in cold climates ranging from -25?C to 45?C. And they deliver outstanding performance and reliability, both in new buildings and boiler replacements. Wotech dealers have witnessed the heat pump units in the cold winter for residents to provide warm, good quality and stability of China's products and sales in 2018 with great confidence in sales. 
Low Temperature Heat Pump Series
* EVI technology, to work down to -25℃
* Hot water up to 60℃, suitable for under floor/ radiator heating.
* Copeland compressors, durable and efficient.
* COP achieve up to 3.5 at 0℃
* R407C System available.
Wotech Commercial Heating Series
* Heating and cooling suitable for central air condition
* Branded compressor, durable and efficient
* P2P mother board, easy service
* Suitable design with Horizontal type
Wotech @ Heat pump Water heater projects, Metal housing heat pumps.
Wotech, a Leading Pool Heat Pump OEM/ODM Supplier in China. For more heat pump price and specification, welcome to contact info1@wotech.cn or visit our website http://www.ecowotech.com/

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