New Wotech Heat Pumps become the Big Draw on Boilers and HVAC Equipment Exhibition in North China

North China, Dec 6th, 2017 - The tenth North China Boiler and HVAC equipment exhibition held in Shijiazhuang Expo Center in Hebei Province, Wotech luxury lineup debut exhibition, a highlight of the show. Wotech Booth coal reform experience system is also attracted many dealers experience exchange. Wotech top heat pump manufacturers focus on heat pump for 12 years, winning the tender of coal in nearly 10 districts and counties, the largest project heating area of 350,000 square meters, has extensive experience in air source heat pump heating operation, dealers are welcome to discuss cooperation.
About Wotech Series Hot Water Heat Pump
Full DC Inverter Technology
Faster response to variable heating and cooling loads.
Significantly reduced running costs (up to 50% saving) compared to non-inverter systems.
Improved comfort as set-point temperatures are achieved more quickly.
Improved maintenance of design conditions with less temperature fluctuation.
Eliminates voltage peaks from compressor.
Smart App Remote Control
With the Smart APP on phone with internet connection, users can easily control their heat pump from anywhere at any time. Users can choose a mode from heating, cooling or auto to make hot water well prepared before they are home. Set a smart operating schedule and check the temperature report for the recorded temperatures, working conditions and more.
In the exhibition, Wotech domestic heat pump water heaters are very popular,  and besides, Wotech DC inverter heat pump has become the highlight. Many buyers, distributors, wholesalers and exporting have shown great interest in Wotech's hot water heater products which are featured with low noise of 25dB(A), and fashionable appearance. And some distributors speak highly of the Wotech DC inverter heat pump. They believe that Wotech DC inverter heat pump would be a very perfect application as an energy-saving house heating solution. The solution will be widely welcomed in North China thanks to its excellent defrosting performance.

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