Wotech “Coal to Electricity” Pojects In Beijing

After busy competition of the “Coal to Electricity” Pojects tenders in March, April and May, Wotech starts the promotion since mid-May. There is sufficient time for all the companies who won the tenders. Even some of the companies start their installation of the heat pump for the village.

Wotech in 2016 had won the tenders in Tongzhou,Chaoyang,Huairou distric and in 2017 had won the bid in Chaoyang,Huairou,Pinggu and Shunyi distric. Because good quality and professional installation, many people go to the sample project or projects on scene. Right now many people start to make the booking and plan of installing Wotech heat pump water heater during the promotion.


Since mid-May, Wotech are in busy production for all the orders including the orders from “Coal to Electricity” Pojects In Beijing and the orders from other clients domestic and abroad. This is to ensure the immediate installation of “Coal to Electricity” Pojects In Beijing and the urgent needs of other clients. Also, Wotech have a 1000 square meter warehouse in Beijing to ensure the on-time delivery and installation of the heat pump. Everyday there are more than two trucks full of Wotech heat pump delivered to Beijing.



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