Why choose water source heat pump for heating?

As we all know, energy is the material basis for the existence and development of human society and the guarantee of human existence. Human social development and energy use are inseparable. Among them, water source heat pump heating is one of the forefront issues in the international air conditioning and refrigeration industry. It is the main form of renewable energy utilization such as solar energy and geothermal energy, and is also the most promising energy saving and environmental protection device and system.


Water source heat pump works

Shallow water on the surface of the Earth absorbs the solar radiation into the earth's energy, the temperature of these water sources are generally very stable. The principle of water source heat pump unit is to transfer the heat in the building to the water source in the summer. Since the temperature of the water source is low, the heat can be efficiently taken away, and in winter, the energy is extracted from the water source by the heat pump principle through air or water as the cooling Agent to raise the temperature to the building.

Usually water source heat pump pumps consume 1kW of energy, users can get more than 4kW of heat or cold. Water source heat pump both in the heating or cooling process are water as a heat source and cooling medium, that is, with switching refrigerant circuit to achieve heating and cooling operation. Water as a heat pump heating, cooling process medium, to meet the following two conditions can be used - First, the water temperature is between 7 ℃~ 30 ℃, and second, the amount of water to be adequate. Water source water can be a variety of industrial waste water, domestic water, sea water, river, river, etc., and even a variety of industrial waste heat.

Water source heat pump significant advantages

1. Significant environmental benefits

Water source heat pump is the use of surface water as a source of cold and heat, energy conversion heating air conditioning system. When heating, the boiler room system of coal, gas, oil and so on is eliminated, there is no combustion process, and pollution such as exhaust smoke and sewage is avoided; the cooling water tower is saved when cooling, and the noise, mildew pollution of the cooling tower and Water consumption. So, a water source heat pump uses a technology that is clean and renewable.

Efficient water source heat pump units available water temperature in winter is 12 ~ 22 ℃, the water temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature, so the heat pump cycle evaporation temperature increases, the energy efficiency ratio also increased. The summer water body is 18-35℃, and the temperature of the water body is lower than the ambient air temperature. Therefore, the condensation temperature of the cooling decreases, making the cooling effect better than that of the air-cooling and cooling towers, and the unit efficiency is improved. According to the EPA of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the design and installation of a good water source heat pump can save 30-40% of the heating and cooling air-conditioners on average.

2.Energy saving

Electricity used by water source heat pumps is a clean source of energy by itself, but consumes primary energy and generates emissions of greenhouse gases such as pollutants and carbon dioxide. Well-designed water-source heat pump units, compared with air-source heat pumps, are equivalent to reducing power consumption by more than 30%, which is equivalent to reducing power consumption by more than 70% compared to electric heating.

Therefore, the water source heat pump energy saving at the same time also reduces and reduces the generation of electricity generated during primary pollution emissions and greenhouse effect.

3.Wide range of applications

Can be widely used in hotels, office buildings, schools, commercial villas to try the district heating residential district heating and cooling, and other commercial and industrial building air conditioning, and can be used for swimming pools, dairy processing, beer brewing, cold forging, Cold storage and indoor cultivation and temperature culture and other industries. Multi-purpose use of a machine for a cold, but also for heating, but also provide hot water. For air-conditioning system, a heat pump provides two heat sources, saving one-time investment, the total investment is only 60% of traditional air-conditioning systems, and easy to install, installation work less than other air-conditioning systems, short installation period, Change the installation is also easy.

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