What Makes Wotech Heat Pump Different

WOTECH utilize their extensive experience in the design and manufacture of heat exchange products to engineer efficient, high performance heat pumps. Catering specifically to DIFFERENT climate, WOTECH heat pumps are designed to perform to their maximum capabilities regardless of outside conditions.



WOTECH are as committed to service and support as they are to offering competitive prices and value for money. We work directly with our installers and traders or distributor to fully support and assist them in their acquisition and installation of their WOTECH heat pumps.

Our WOTECH based status enables us to offer an unpatrolled service. From manufacture to installer training, all WOTECH operations take place onsite. We produce to demand, eliminating long waiting periods for shipments.

WOTECH offer a flexibility other manufacturers simply can't match. We design, manufacture and ship all WOTECH heat pumps from under one roof. 




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