What is inverter heat pump and it’s advantage and disadvantage

Recently, many pool heat pump manufacturers people asked me about inverter heat pump. Inverter heat pump is not a replacement of heat pump with fixed frequency, it’s complementary which heat pump can apply in more condition and energy saving in special condition.
Firstly, What is inverter heat pump?
Inverter heat pump, whose machine is automatic various stepless speed, it can automatically provide the required amount of cold (heat) according to the room conditions; when the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the heat pump will be able to accurately maintain the temperature at a constant speed, To achieve "non-stop operation", thus ensuring the stability of the ambient temperature. 
Then we talk about the advantage of inverter heat pump.
1. Cooling, heating, strong and rapid
At startup, it operates at its highest power. Rapid cooling, heating. So that the room temperature once reached the set temperature. Whether it is a cold morning, or hot day, using inverter heat pump can quickly enjoy comfortable room temperature.
2. High efficiency and energy saving
Inverter heat pump will determine the frequency according to the need, so that it’s high efficiency. In addition, extra power is not consumed because the compressor is rarely started / stopped repeatedly. And electricity is only about 2/3 of the average heat pump, can be called a energy-saving star.
3. Comfortable and constant room temperature control
Inverter heat pump can control the speed of compressor, freely change the level of power in order to maintain a comfortable temperature.
Finally, we discuss the disadvantage of inverter heat pump in some condition.
1. High product cost and high after-sale maintenance costs
Due to it’s new inverter technology, so that labor cost to design and improve is high, and use high-quality product configuration and technology to match this. Good inverter heat pump is only for 2-3 years, after that, it needs to maintain and replace the spare parts.
2. Complex internal structure, high failure rate.
3. Energy Saving, it’s based on long time use. If you don’t use heat pump frequently and for long time, it’s useless, it’s better to use heat pump in fixed frequency.
So when new technology coming out, we need to balance the pros and cons, to choose suitable heat pump which you need. :-)
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