Seeking Business Partner OEM High Efficiency Swimming Pool Heat Pump

FOSHAN, China, Sep. 6, 2017 - Currently, there is a large demand for the Wotech pool heat pump series in some countries including. So far, the cooperation is OEM, according to the Wotech senior product manager in charge of pool heat pump products.
swimming pool heat pump
At the same time, we are seeking business partner to larger our cooperation in the world. By Wotech's intelligentized production line which can produce heat pumps in various kinds of refrigerants, with its good welding process, accurate refrigerant charged process, refrigerant system impurify process, and auto-pace aging process, Wotech has established a production process of high quality and efficiency.
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1.What is your advantages,comparing with other water heaters?
 Avoiding electric water heater leakage, dry, high power consumption.
 Avoiding the drawbacks of gas water heater,such as producing harmful gases,Fits and starts etc.
 Energy efficient, safety and environmental protection, all weather operation, easy to use.
2.Before we quote you the price,what you need to offer us?
A: 1)  the pool size,length,width,deepth.
  2)  indoor use or outdoor use? what is the ambient temperature?
  3)  input water temperature and output water temperature.
3.Will it be too trouble to use air water heater?
Easy to use, once set, always have hot water.
4.How long is the life of air water heater
Life span is 12-15 years
5.How many years'guarantee?
2 years
Any needs, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

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