Importance of Installing the Heat Pump Water Heater

With the development of air-source heat pump water heater, more and more people start to choose it. This kind of water heater is famous by safe and energy-saving. However, if it is not properly installed, it cannot be met the purpose of energy-saving. What are the important things we need to take into account . 

First of all, it is the installation place. Air-source heat pump water heater can be installed on the balcony, wall, top of the building and ground where there is air flow. The water tank can be placed in the kitchen or washroom. And the heat pump water heater needs to be near the water tank. Usually the standard length is 3 meters. If it is too long, it is bad to the refrigerant circulation.


 Secondly, the water exhausting equipment is needed. During the heat pump running, the condensate water need to be drew out. Thus the air-source heat pump water heater installation place needs to be near the ground drain or water drain-pipe.

 Thirdly, water pipe is very important. The outlet water pipe needs to be big enough to prevent from hot and cold water. Most people may choose to install the water circulation equipment.

Furthermore, when we start o run the heat pump water heater, we connect the water pipes. Then the water runs into the water tank after we connect the pipes. When we find there is water running out from the water outlet, we need to switch of the valve to stop the water running into the water tank.

Last but far from the least, distance between the air-source heat pump and water tank cannot be longer than 5 meters. The wire controller cannot be installed in the bathroom. 


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