How To Choose A Correct Pool Heat Pump

With the wide use of heat pump, more and more people prefer the heat pump for pool heating. Especially, when people build a house with a swimming pool, they will like to enjoy the swimming pool time in the cold winter and hot summer. How to heat up the water is a headache problem. How to choose a heat pump for swimming pool? There are several things we need to know as following.


 the size of the swimming pool

If the size of the pool is too big, we cannot use a small capacity heat pump for it. Usually we need to know about the length, width and depth of the pool. Then we can know about its total size of the pool. That is also the volume of the water we need to heat pump or cool down.


 the water temperature we need know

Usually, the proper water temperature for swimming is 28℃to 30℃. If the temperature is too hot when swimming, our heart cannot work normally. Then, we need to know about the water inlet temperature. That is the water temperature before the water is heated. Then we can know about the temperature difference of the water.



how long we need to heat up the water for the first time

As we all know, once we turn on the heat pump, the water cannot reach the target temperature right away. The short time we need, the bigger capacity heat pump we need. But we also do not need to use a bigger capacity heat pump than enough. Because it may be a waste of the heat pump and energy. Usually, we will take 48 hours to 72 hours as the standard time except the special cases.


the heat loss of the pipe and pool into consideration

This can also determine the heat pump capacity. For example, if your pool is a 50CBM pool with water inlet temperature 15℃and water outlet temperature 28℃, we need a bigger model than Wotech Model WBR-26.0H-B model after 48 hours. 

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