How to Calculate Heat Pump Coefficient of Performance

You’ve probably heard that air source heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. But what does that phrase actually mean for your home and your heating bills? What does energy efficiency mean? How is it measured? 
How is it calculated? What is heat pump COP? That’s what we’re going to look at today.
Efficiency is how much energy you get out of an appliance, compared to how much energy you put into running it. A 97% efficient furnace gives you back 97% of the energy you put into it in the form of heat for your home, the other 3% is lost up the flue. Since electric baseboard has no flue, 100% of the energy that goes in, stays in your home in the form of heat. The higher the efficiency of your air to water heating system , the lower your heating bills.
Calculating Coefficient of Performance
First, you’ll need two things:
1. Energy out, or the heat pump’s expected output.
2. Energy In, or how much energy it takes to run the heat pump.
Using these two values, we can complete the formula below:
Coefficient of Performance And Changing Conditions
Your heat pump’s COP changes depending on operating conditions, here are several factors that will affect your heat pump’s effective COP: 
Whether It’s Heating or Cooling Season
Since the output of the heat pump changes when in cooling mode, so does the COP. If you look in our manuals, we calculate separate COPs for every heat pump in both heating (COPh) and cooling (COPc) modes to account for this variance.
Fortunately all of these variables will have a minimal effect on the actual performance of your heat pump, and you can rely on the reported COP’s in our heat pump manuals as a baseline for how your system will perform when it is 
installed correctly, or as in the example above, you can calculate it yourself!
Above is based on roughly accurate, if you have specific projects, welcome to send email to or visit to discuss details.

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