Heat Pump Used in Winter

The air-source heat pump is carried out for many years. With the improvement of the heat pump technology, it is used widely in commercial areas and common family. But most of the people still do not know much about the air-source water heater. They even do not know whether it can be used in winter or not.

In winter, the water heater cannot have a good meet of hot water to the family. Thus people who have the heat pump need to pay attention to the following points.

Firstly, water temperature adjustment. In winter, the heat pump does not produce as much hot water as it does in other three seasons in a year. If you only need 45℃in spring, you may need 55℃in winter.

Secondly, because the ambient temperature is low in winter, the air-source water heater cannot produce as much hot water as we need. If the water tank is not big enough, we shall not use the hot water together at the same time.


Thirdly, if there is a water circulation equipment in the system, please do not set it as auto mode. Because the water may be cold in the water pipe. If water circulation runs frequently, the hot water in the water tank may lose the heat.

Lots of people may have doubt about whether we can use the heat pump water heater in school, hotel, bath center or factory where there are a great need of hot water in winter with very low ambient temperature. With the development of the heat pump, Wotech design our own low ambient temperature heat pump which can runs with good COP even when ambient temperature is as low as -25℃.



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