Wotech, 350,000 ㎡ Heat Pump PPP Heating Project Sharing Session

LUZIBO, China, 9th January, 2018-- Morning, Guangdong Wotech pool heat pump manufacturers New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 350,000 ㎡PPP heating project sharing ceremony and a hundred cities in northern model starting point will be opened in Zibo Hotel in Zibo City. With the theme of "new heating, new mode and fresh air outlet", Guo Tianyi, the chairman of Wotech, along with company senior manager, and gathered nearly 300 people from industry experts, distributors and well-known media from all over the country to join hands , Go hand in hand.
Steve said, the sales manager of Domestic market, that the meeting using the live webcast form, and throughout the country to share heating events. According to incomplete statistics, more than 6,000 people watch the conference live online at the same time.
A warm scene appeared on the scene of the conference. The participants were wearing a red scarf presented by Wotech. The Chinese Red symbolizes that the source of wealth is rich and auspicious. Before the meeting, the thrilling "blockbuster" struck the participants to watch the typical engineering video that Wotech successfully applied throughout the country in recent years.
In recent years, with the policy dividend, the heating market sweep the country, energy saving, environmentally friendly air source heat pump heating market usher in blowout development. In this general trend, Wotech also enter golden age.
Before the meeting, Wotech also organized dealers to visit the 350,000 ㎡ heating project by car and experience the true nature in the PPP heating project. Dealers have witnessed the Wotech heat pump units in the cold winter for students and residents to provide warm, good quality and stability of China's products and sales in 2018 with great confidence in sales. At the same time to further enhance the overall ability of dealers, on the evening of 10th, Wotech held a heating technology exchange.
Wotech Commercial Heating Series
* Heating and cooling suitable for central air condition
* Branded compressor, durable and efficient
* P2P mother board, easy service
* Suitable design with Horizontal type

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