All in One Water heater & Split Heat Pump Water Heaters, Which One Better

Split heat pump water heaters is composed of main body and water tanks, whereas All in One water heater is integrated the mainframe with water tanks, with water tank above it and its shape of cylindrical or square, which it’s convenient to put in the corner. Which one better, pls see below analysis of six points:
1. Energy Saving:
Compare to All in One Water heaters, the Split heat pump is more energy efficiency due to its larger evaporator area, lead to high COP, also is cheaper because low cost of daily operation. While the energy efficiency of All in One heaters is relatively low, because of the limit size and small compressor. 
2. Transportation:
With the split feature, Split heat pump water heater is convenient to transport with light weight. All in one is relatively larger and heavier, and it must be vertical in case refrigerant reflow.
all in one heat pump
3. Noise:
The main body of Split Heat Pump Water Heaters must be installed in the outdoor air circulation, generally does not affect the work of users and rest.
When the heat pump is installed in the room (such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), the noise generated by heat pump is close to the activity area, easy to affect the user's life, so it is recommended to install outdoors, choose Split heat pump water heaters.
4. Price:
The design cost of All in One is higher than the split machine, it takes hundred dollars even only with outer casing.
5. Decoration:
For this point, customer will like All in One heat pump due to stylish and fashion appearance, with modern and decoration factors.
Consideration of the price and practical, we suggest the majority of users to choose Split water heaters, whereas recommend for users which pursuit of fashion, it’s relative expensive.

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