Air-Source Heat Pumps vs. Geothermal

Homes and businesses installing a air-water heat pump as a source of heating are becoming more and more popular.

Both geothermal and air-source heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas and oil furnaces. Beyond this, there are a number of important differences between these two types of heat pumps.


Initial Cost– Air-source heat pumps have a lower purchase and install cost and are much faster to install. Geothermal systems have higher purchase and installation costs, but long term, lower energy costs will easily recoup the investment.

Maintenance– Air-source heat pumps use an outdoor unit that’s convenient for regular cleaning. In a geothermal heat pump system, all the components are either underground or indoors where they’re protected from inclement weather, debris and vandalism.

Space Requirements

Deciding on which system is best for you may simply come down to how much room is available.  If the area is small or has expensive landscaping, geothermal may not be a good fit as it requires extensive excavating.  Air-source heat pumps are much smaller and do not require as much space.Geothermal and air-source heat pumps are excellent options when it comes to home heating.  They are both extremely efficient compared to standard forms of heating and are relatively clean sources of energy. 



With either system, you know you’ll be making a great choice for an efficient, long term option to heat and cool your home.

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