Air Condition Heating VS. Air Source Heat Pump Which One is Better in Winter?

In recent years, Chinese government began to promote renewable heating resources in order to control the air pollution problem and vigorously promoted "coal-to-electricity" in the north. Under this circulation, many users have replaced the previous smoky, polluting coal-fired boilers, using a new generation of air to water heat pumps.
Affected by the "coal-to-electricity" campaign, an upsurge of air-to-water heating has been set across the country. Even in areas where central heating is not provided, air source heat pumps manufacturers are also popular. In previous years, many users are open air-conditioning heating mode to wintering, but also equipped with air to heat pump heating.
Why air source heat pump is more popular than air conditioning heating?
Let's look at air conditioning heating. Now the heating and cooling two function air conditioner is popular at present market. In winter, people set their air conditioners to heating mode for heating. However, the heating of air conditioners uses fluorine as an intermediate medium, and a large amount of external exhaust air flows in the form of intense active heat convection. This will speed up the evaporation of moisture from our skin. This is why we have long been in the air-conditioned room heating, there will be dry mouth and even sore throat and other symptoms.
On the other hand, air-conditioning heating is the top of the wind, hot air blowing people head, the heat stays in the top of the house, not only make people feel hot, uncomfortable, and there is no good warmth of the lower body. The so-called "cold from the foot", if the feet cold, the heating effect can not be guaranteed.
Then we talk about air source heat pumps, which absorb heat in the air,then transfer to the water, generating hot water. It is the biggest difference with air-conditioning heating is to add a "water cycle" system. Water as an intermediate medium, so you can match air heat pump with floor heating, fan coil, hot water pipes and other rich and diverse machine to heating, higher flexibility. Therefore, heat pump can not only apply to the heating of residential buildings, but also for large office buildings, stadiums and even large-scale integrated plant.
In addition to the diversification of the heating machine, air heat pump can heat through water, and if use fan coil, then the hot air discharged from the wind plate is converted from hot water. As a result, the air is not dry, higher comfort.
Finally talk about heating costs, at present, due to the development of air heating technology matures, air source heat, its efficiency can up to 400%. Therefore, compared with electric heating, at the same type of electric heating equipment, air to water heat pump can produce more hot water when consumes the same amount of electric energy, that’s so it meet the more severe heating needs, obvious advantages in heating costs.
Using different heating design, compare to air conditioning, it will be more comfortable, energy saving, air to water heat pump has become the first choice for many new home heating.

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