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Guangdong Wotech Renewable Energy & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, Foshan, a city which is famous for home appliance manufacturing. Today, Wotech is one of the few Chinese air source heat pump suppliers in the industry which integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service all under one roof. Wotech has production facilities covering 25,000 square meters, with state-of-the art automated production lines, a modern and spacious office complex with its very own testing laboratories, making it one of the most advanced air source heat pump suppliers in China. Working in a bright and pleasant, forward thinking environment, our staff work tirelessly to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Management of Wotech has focused their energy and resources into developing air source products. Through comprehensive planning and persistent study over the past 10 years, Wotech has become a leader in the air source heat pump industry. Wotech has won numerous awards including The National High-Technology Enterprise award, the Provincial High-Technology Private Corporation award and the Provincial Grade AAA Credit Enterprise award to name but a few. These honors reflect the competence and achievement of Wotech and in breaking the barrier from 'Made-in-China' to 'Created-in-China'.

Wotech is the first Chinese Authorized Air-Source Energy Research Institute. Wotech have experts working with state-of the-art equipment in the enthalpy differentiation laboratory. In partnership with many famous universities, Wotech's engineers have achieved many scientific breakthroughs including 'constant output power utilising inverter technology' and industry leading 'frost-free' technology. Wotech continues to lead by example within the industry. Wotech have three main departments; the Air-source Technology Research Department, which ensures that Wotech maintains and strengthens its position as leader in the industry; Air-source Application Study Department, which deals with the application of technology to state-of-the-art production; and a professional development program for all Wotech employees, no matter what department they work in.

We at Wotech have been among the top three air-source energy product exporters for the past three consecutive years. We have been constantly achieving growth figures in domestic sales in excess of 100% every year. With customers in over 90 countries, Wotech supplies residential and commercial air-source heat pumps products for swimming pool heating and cooling, as well as domestic hot water and heating systems. Wotech is committed to creating and delivering highly-efficient, environmentally-friendly energy-saving products worldwide. We are without doubt one of the global leaders in air-source heat pump manufacturing today!

Wotech have witnessed an incredible increase in turnover since it began its operations in 2005. From 2011 to 2014, Wotech has been ranked as one of the top three air-source product exporters, becoming one of China’s biggest air source heat pump suppliers.

Increased turnover comes from understanding our customer's needs and expectations as well as excellent product quality and favorable business conditions. In marketing activities, Wotech sticks to the “Win-win” ethos by always putting our customers’ needs first. Wotech are investing in the development of the domestic market, through our corporate marketing strategies, advanced technology and high quality: a combination that will result in the creation of a leading brand of air-source products in China.

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Air Source Heat Pump Suppliers company
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