A corner of Wotech heat pumps production line

Guangdong WOTECH Renewable Energy & Technology Co., Ltd is located in Shunde , Foshan,a city which is famous for home appliance manufacturing. Today, Wotech is one of the few Chinese manufacturers in the industry which integrates research and development, manufacturing, marking and after-sales service all under one roof.
Wotech has production facilities covering 25,000 square meters, with state- of  the art automated production lines, a modern and spacious office complex with its very own testing laboratories, making it one of the most advanced air source heat pump manufacturing companies in China.
Working in a bright and pleasant, forward thinking environment our staff work tirelessly to achieve 100%customer satisfaction.
Performance testing -- 30 mins for heating and 30 mins for cooling.
Wotech, a Leading heat pump manufacturers in China. For more heat pump price and specification, welcome to visit our fatory and contact info1@wotech.cn or visit our website http://www.ecowotech.com/.

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