Wotech Hot Water Heat Pump BOT cooperation with School Projects

Wotech Hot Water Heat Pump BOT cooperation with School Projects in Domestic Market 
What is the school hot water BOT? BOT, build-operate-transfer. For example: a college needs to solve the daily life of teachers and students with hot water, this time the practice is to do the cost of hot water system transformation budget, approved by the various levels of funds in place before the implementation, and then use the tender procurement. So the BOT was born in such an environment, that is, by the third party self-use funds to the school's hot water system to conduct a comprehensive transformation; and then the third party for the use of hot water to collect hot water costs (generally use flow control water and campus systems One-card docking, credit card charging model); third-party operating a certain number of years of operation (currently 8-10 years) after the transfer of the overall system or presented to the school.
Advantages of school hot water BOT:
1. Save investment, the school without any investment to complete the entire school hot water project transformation, and do not take their own daily budget.
2. Easy to manage, by the third party professional company for the entire hot water project to manage the operation, the school without their own to manage.
3. Teachers and students to improve the quality of life, the third party can be directly into the dormitory hot water, winter bath more comfortable and more convenient.
4. Energy efficiency, through the use of energy-saving products, air source heat pump suppliers on the original boiler hot water system transformation, energy saving, environmental protection.
So what about the resources or the idea of the dealer in the end how to do it? In fact, very simple, CONTACT WOTECH. For the summer BOT project in 2017, WOTECH put forward the "open" mode of cooperation: Firstly, WOTECH can help customers to do the project negotiations and bidding to help customers take the project, and then with the customer to do the project transformation and technical support to ensure the implementation of the project And operations. Second, If the customer needs, WOTECH and customers can participate in the project investment and operation, WOTECH equipment equivalent investment to participate in the project. Third: the customer is responsible for business, all from Huatian Cheng to invest, customers take the project dry shares. More than a variety of models can be.
Any interests, pls feel free to contact us to enlarge cooperation. :-)
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