Wotech BC-B1 Series Hot Water Heat Pump become the Big Draw on HVAC Tour

"The same piece of blue sky, the same home" --HVAC and comfortable home & improvement building materials and residential equipment national tour product technology exchange, were held in Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang station.
Two stations HVAC tour site, Wotech brought new BC-B1 series debut stage, won the attention of more than 400 dealers and contractors. Ms. Chen Suyun, the operations manager of Huicong company, came to power introduced Wotech heat pump products in detail.
Wotech pool heat pump manufacturers BC-B1 Heating and Hot Water Series
* Suitable design with Horizontal type
* Hot Water up to 60℃, application in floor heating and radiator
* Intelligent EE Value, excellent efficiency at different ambient temp
* Unique fan motor construction, super quiet and efficient
The larger the market, the more intense the competition. In the north, air-to-water heat pump can be applied to the east and the air-to-air heat pump heating market in the north has grown by leaps and bounds. The rapid development of air heating, heat pump industry usher in a new opportunity to create wealth. However, the enterprise's product quality, product technology, service quality, but also reflects the corporate brand influence. Wotech won the bidding for Beijing Tongzhou District, Huairou District, Chaoyang District, Pinggu District, Huairou District and Tianjin Wuqing District "coal to electricity" project. The door of billions of markets has been opened and Wotech is looking forward to hearing from you Common Nuggets!
As a strategic partner of HC Network, Wotech will uphold the concept of user needs to research and development, manufacturing products for the industry to provide a rigorous selection of products to promote the smooth development of the industry forward.

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