2018 Wotech First Excellent Distributor Factory Visit Makes a Green Life

Foshan, China, April 21, 2018, Wotech, a TOP heat pump manufacture in China, will have a big ceremony in Wotech factory. The ceremony will be lasted for two days with more than 100 outstanding distributor in domestic market.
As the first factory inspection team for Wotech, who specifically arranged for distributors to visit the factory. On the morning of April 21th, more than 100 dealers came to the headquarters of the Wotech Shunde headquarters. A brand-new production workshop, new construction equipment, and standardized process arrangements made the dealers feel the specialties of Wotech.
During the inspection of the factory, the majority of distributors witnessed the operation of 400,000 fully automatic flow line production lines of Wotech, and each process, complete inspection, and 100% complete online inspection and other manufacturing processes. The offline process of the heating heat pump has intuitively felt the quality and brand spirit of Wotech.
In fact, Wotech not only has a production base in Shunde, it has two major production bases in Daqing, Zhaoqing, and Longchuan, Heyuan, with an annual production value of 400,000 units.
At present, the air source heat pump is gradually becoming the main product of coal-to-electricity heating. There is nothing more important than choosing a brand that is trustworthy, quality-clear, and qualified. By visiting the factory on site, distribuors have a more intuitive understanding of Wotech.
Marketing Skills Sharing:
In this factory inspection tour, Wotech not only arranged a visit to the factory, but also provided a marketing feast for the general distributors.
On the evening of March 19th, in the meeting room of the Xianquan Hotel in Shunde, all distributors actively participated in the special warm training camp organized by Wotech. At the special training site, dealers broke the inherent marketing awareness, and in the actual combat exercise, gradually out of their own marketing misunderstanding.
The special training for more than three hours has ended in an instant. The dealers are still full of ideas, not only inspiring the market morale of the distributors, but also making everyone learn the marketing strategy through interesting practical exercises. They have expressed their full satisfaction.
New Product Shows
Mr. Hu Shuxiong, deputy general manager and technical director of Wotech, explained the advantages and characteristics of New Product series of low-temperature variable-frequency heat blowers for the majority of dealers and caused the distributors' interest.
"The heat pump is different from the conventional heat pump and it is a new type of heat pump." Mr. Hu Shuxiong introduced that this low-frequency variable frequency hot air blower from Tianl, whih is a low-temperature variable-frequency heat pump designed specifically for northern heating. He used the standard of red standard Wotech manufacturing, for the small household heating users in the north, specially designed a new type of heat pump heating products with low price, high energy efficiency, easy installation, no tank, fast heating, low energy consumption and low temperature heating.
Wotech has six performance testing laboratories, five long-term operating laboratories, two drying laboratories, a noise laboratory, and a transportation shock test platform. Among them, the noise laboratory is Wotech's current professional brand of heat pump industry. The first noise laboratory used to collect accurate data on the operation of heat pumps to ensure that each product is easy to use.
For domestic market, Wotech won the bid for Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong and other regions for three consecutive years. In 2016, Wotech became involved in the national coal-to-electricity project and provided coal-to-electricity products to Beijing's Tongzhou District, Huairou District, Chaoyang District, and Tianjin's Wuqing District. In 2017, Wotech was the Beijing Pinggu District and Chaoyang District. Many districts in Shunyi District and Huairou District contributed their own strength. 
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